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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 13, 2019
  • Since November, thousands of protesters called “Les Gilets Jaunes” or “the yellow vests” have hit the streets of France wearing bright yellow safety vests. Here's who they are, who they aren't, and why they are protesting.
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    France is still in the midst of violent protests. The yellow vest protestors started out peaceful but the violence seems to be escalating.

    On January 5th protesters wearing bright yellow safety vests, and some dressed in black, attacked a government ministry building in Paris. A government spokesperson had to be evacuated out the back.

    But why are the french protesting?

    First, let's clear up what the Yellow Vests are and are not.

    The Yellow Vests in France are NOT a formal organization, and remain largely leaderless. That fact makes it hard to determine what all of these protesters actually stand for. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to see what it is that they’re AGAINST — and that’s the administration of president Emmanuel Macron.

    He pledged to cut France’s carbon emissions by 40 percent before 2030. And since 75 percent of energy emitted in France originates from fossil fuels, Macron instituted a fuel tax in late 2017 to discourage the use of motor vehicles by French citizens.

    Petitions and other viral posts began to circulate through “Anger Groups,” on Facebook. These groups are places where average citizens could vent about local political issues. Some of these viral posts have also helped spread fake news and misinformation and administrators of these groups who have peddled conspiracy theories have gone on French television to stoke violence.

    And one of the viral Facebook posts actually inspired the Yellow Vests worn by protesters.

    In this episode, we’re taking a look at French President Emmanuel Macron’s political reforms and how tensions in France reached this boiling point.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/zn_GHA850eQ


  • Emanuele Avenia

    Emanuele Avenia

     7 days ago

    this report is bias

  • 吐槽达人


     1 months ago +1

    Soutenez le gilet jaune de France dans sa lutte pour ses droits, c’est le droit des peuples dans un pays libre!Contre la répression violente du gouvernement français

  • r.maditya sashank

    r.maditya sashank

     5 months ago

    is ? yelow vest movement for DIRECT DEMOCRACY ?....
    or yellow vest movement is only Against price increase ?

  • MegaMementoMori


     5 months ago

    On one hand, I support the Yellow Vests for being against fuel tax which is a terrible idea that will increase the cost of everything (all products must be transported, you know). On the other hand, those guys have some ugly 99% rhetoric which sounds dangerous.

  • Yurlim Tech

    Yurlim Tech

     5 months ago

    Imagine China or Russia arming them, like France did in Lybia . 3th world war.

  • Assemblée Nationale

    Assemblée Nationale

     5 months ago

    I agree too too many Muslims are immigrating to France rapidly and it is changing socially

  • AAA P

    AAA P

     6 months ago

    Trump supporters support the Yellow Vests! Don't believe the Medias lies about Us and about Trump! We support you and want Peace and Love for all...The Elite Owns our media and is lying.

  • Un bon chat Un bien gato

    Un bon chat Un bien gato

     6 months ago

    Just use electrical vehicles...MIND BLOWN!
    (Yes, I don't know much about this, after Marcon removed the gas tax he made people pay for health care (?) And other things)
    I get it, you hate the government, but you shouldn't be violent! You need to prove your enemies wrong, even if they do something bad to you...

  • tannya


     7 months ago

    These vests are florescent green an not yellow in first place...

  • Für Deutschland

    Für Deutschland

     7 months ago

    Ah yes another france revolution

  • beiqing Zhang

    beiqing Zhang

     7 months ago

    Are they not afraid of a military crackdown?Demonstrations are so dangerous

  • Otanak Nanarluq

    Otanak Nanarluq

     7 months ago

    Guillotine for Macron

  • knuthatsgut123


     7 months ago

    this report is antifrench

  • EmDee


     7 months ago

    Forgetting to mention that France is a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST Country.....What the radical left in USA wants. Socialism takes and takes and takes and takes and takes.....never satisfied. No, thank you.

  • lion deer

    lion deer

     7 months ago

    Yellow vest looks more like Green Vest...

  • Richard Chua

    Richard Chua

     7 months ago

    Yes kill your economy stupid people of france macron kill all yellow vest

  • Johnca48


     7 months ago

    Immigration is a huge problem for Europe. Especially Muslim immigrants.

  • Heramb Patkar

    Heramb Patkar

     7 months ago

    Lowest voter turn out!!
    Those citizens (baring people having urgent reasons) who willingly did not turnout for votes should not have the right turn cry babies later and protest after the election result in a democracy!!!

  • Karl MACH

    Karl MACH

     8 months ago


  • Andreus Triant

    Andreus Triant

     8 months ago

    And lapen isn’t against Jews and weren’t chanting anti Semitic songs, lapen wants to halt the EUs relentless forced refugee policies which have been proven to damage economies such as Greece and Sweden. Interesting that you don’t talk about how the leftist opposition demands “extreme socialism” aka communism as the solution to their problems despite the multiple historical examples of communism being a absolute failure