Selling iPhone 11 Pro Max at Walmarts Ecoatm Machine

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 20, 2019
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    Are you serious?!? I just got the iPhone 11 pro max. So I decided to go sell it to Walmart’s ecoatm machine. Is it going to rip me off? I’ll sell it..only if I get a good price on it. LOL. I can’t believe it offered me xxx dollars. Only if I had brought the box too maybe just maybe would’ve been...
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  • robbo



    6s lol

  • Matthew Eugenio

    Matthew Eugenio

     2 days ago

    i wont wish this phone but if someone given to me ill take it hahahah ^_^ i didnt have phone in ma entire life im just renting a computer here in philippines to play sa video games ^_^ hope this can help me to get a new phone lol

  • Lawnmover Babba Yaga

    Lawnmover Babba Yaga

     4 days ago +1

    Bruh he wanted to overpay you 9$ dollars and ur not happy

  • Rytrix


     4 days ago

    That’s GameStop for ya

  • tofy kings

    tofy kings

     5 days ago

    Why there no iPhone 9?



     5 days ago

    I think you are Indian and on your hand tattoo is written nedhar it means fearless



     7 days ago +1

    Is he Indian? There's a Hindi tattoo in his hand

  • Shilpa Pathare

    Shilpa Pathare

     7 days ago

    R u hindi then heart this comment pls

  • Sally Kasper

    Sally Kasper

     7 days ago

    Nothing much new on Iphone 11.

  • HiTechKing


     7 days ago +3

    PART 2!!!! ⬇️

    Selling iPhone 11 Pro Max at Walmarts Ecoatm Machine (SECOND ATTEMPT) ❗️

  • Nitin Chauhan

    Nitin Chauhan

     14 days ago

    You are indian देशी है तू

  • L to try getting 1,200k subs

    L to try getting 1,200k subs

     14 days ago

    The fact that it said iPhone 6 Plus tha f**k

  • Tate Gustavus

    Tate Gustavus

     14 days ago +1

    Mat finish - google pixel 4 : am I a joke to you?



     14 days ago +1


  • František Kudláček

    František Kudláček

     14 days ago

    yeah but you choose "another model" what do you expect?

  • kittycake


     14 days ago +1

    iphone 11 😎 $800

    Eco Atm: Nah $10

  • Winx BTW

    Winx BTW

     14 days ago

    Imagine buying fake iPhones and selling them to ecoATM

  • sam way

    sam way

     14 days ago

    Are you INDIAN you know HINDI LANGUAGE (NIDAR💕)

  • alexvids 1121

    alexvids 1121

     14 days ago

    It takes about 2 months when a new phone is releas


     14 days ago

    A trash price for a 2010 samsung remake I'd pay someone 10 thousand pounds to get that price of shit away from me I phone is a rip off cancer copying Samsung's from 4 years ago