Game Theory: Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 24, 2015
  • Join the Theorists! ►► Until Dawn? Watch me PLAY IT! ►► Until Dawn is all about making sure you make the right choices to make it out alive... But what if the most important character in the game is the only one who gets NO CHOICE in whether they live or die. What does that mean for you playing the game? What does that say about the game itself? Get ready for a completely new understanding of Until Dawn! (plus a few spoilers!)Become a Theorist! ►►'re playing games on GTLive! ►► @MatPatGTFacebook: THEORY MERCH! Equip it HERE ►► Theories:Call of Duty Should Terrify You ►'s Gruesome Secret ► The CIA Conspiracy ► Theories:Call of Duty: Death from Space ► Warcrimes of Call of Duty ► Sex is Team Fortress 2's Pyro ► of Zelda Theories:What's in Link's Potions? ►'s Moon ISN'T a Moon ► Link is the strongest? ► out some more of our awesome video game content:Game Theory: Shock: and Sidequesting: business inquiries:
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  • SkullGurl 123

    SkullGurl 123

     2 years ago +2645

    actually Sam IS a good person because she tried to stop the prank

  • Brandon The Zaz

    Brandon The Zaz

     a years ago +2115

    When Kylo Ren stabs his father: "IT WAS JUST A PRANK HAN!"

  • Kyle Campbell

    Kyle Campbell

     a years ago +1208

    Chris never did anything wrong; he was blackout drunk along with Josh. He never contributed to Hannah/Beth ultimate death.

  • micah ingram

    micah ingram

     11 months ago +1674

    hey matpat, this video is suuuper old, but i guess i never got around to seeing it. from the point of someone who suffers from abulatory schizophrenia, the way you put my mental illness made me really happy. most schizophrenics like me are seen as monsters and crazy killers. im literally just a 17 year old kid on a ton of meds, that's all!! i do have delutions and episodes where i simply can't function, but i would never be lead to hurt anyone. this video is amazing! thanks for not showing the holywood version of something that affects my life everyday.

  • Lord Shaggy

    Lord Shaggy

     5 months ago +677

    Plot Twist: Josh is actually an Oscar winning actor and this is just a new movie project...

  • Hijacked TARDIS

    Hijacked TARDIS

     2 years ago +5109

    The true meaning of Until Dawn is Dr. Hill is a terrible doctor.

  • Juliette Card

    Juliette Card

     4 months ago +308

    josh: is this the real life? is this just fantasy?

  • Keifer Weiland

    Keifer Weiland

     5 months ago +177

    Perfect description of Josh's schizophrenia. Until Dawn has one of the most beautiful depictions of untreated schizophrenia that I have ever seen in a video game. That said, nothing about what you said is a theory. The game makes it pretty clear that Josh has untreated schizophrenia if you pick up all the clues

  • No Scope

    No Scope

     8 months ago +156

    The bear trap trap was not for the teens, it was set by the flamethrower man, he set it for the wendigo

  • Beary Boy

    Beary Boy

     a years ago +2011

    Monsters that eat humans and kill them with ease while being really hard to kill are probably the true monsters

  • DAY-V Entertainment™

    DAY-V Entertainment™

     2 years ago +3021

    I'm so glad I am not the only one who felt sorry for Josh.

  • bastarddarsh


     9 months ago +309

    I thought the squirrel was the hero all this time...

  • Morgan Bathgate

    Morgan Bathgate

     4 months ago +67

    As a Paranoid Schizophrenic- as I know to believe when on my medications- this made me cry. Finally, someone who understands that I’m not a psychopath at heart. Someone who finally understands the value of love and care. I’m so done with people telling me to rot in an Asylum and to be treated by doctors like Doctor Hill. Josh was the only true character who I understand. The hallucinations (Psychosis), the behavior that I never remember doing... all of it.
    Thank you.

  • Potato Tomato

    Potato Tomato

     a years ago +1567

    Chris - Knocked out drunk.
    Sam - Said Hannah to come to the room but regretted it.
    Ashley - she was part of the prank but not like Jess or Mike.
    Matt - filming the prank
    Emily - Emily didn’t come up with the prank and honestly, knowing Emily, she would’ve said straight up to Hannah, HE IS MY MAN. And when Hannah ran away, you can see the regret on her face.
    Mike - was the main person who let the prank happen, he even acted like he liked Hannah
    Jess - she came up with the prank, and you can’t see her regret. In one of the chapters when she’s talking with Mike, she was like we didn’t even know that she would do a stupid thing like that. (Or was it Ashley and Chris?)
    Yeah so
    Not Guilty is Chris.
    Semi-Guilty is Sam, Ashley, Matt.
    Some category in between guilty and semi-guilty is Emily.
    And Guilty is Mike and Jess.

  • R K

    R K

     9 months ago +143

    where's our theory on Sam's magical towel?

  • Nugg McNothing

    Nugg McNothing

     2 years ago +1961


  • It’s Me

    It’s Me

     8 months ago +139

    I love Rami Malek 😭💗

  • Potage Potage

    Potage Potage

     5 months ago +105

    I'm here after Rami Malek won his well-deserved Oscar

  • Liam Hill

    Liam Hill

     9 months ago +63

    What really makes me mad about the 'prank' is how they seem to think that just because they think it's a joke it's perfectly fine
    Someone at my school who I didn't know but is in a couple of my classes pulled a plastic bag over my head from behind without warning and he and his friend just kept saying that it was a joke as if that makes it ok to do to anyone especially someone they don't know

  • Danilego


     4 months ago +47

    Hey, at least Josh won an Oscar!