How Africa is Becoming China's China

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • Agnes Kasule

    Agnes Kasule

     45 minutes ago

    These yellow little things will go, we shall not allow, short, slit eyes, flat wide headed people to play in our Continent!!!!

  • Brian Nong

    Brian Nong

     2 hours ago

    Time will tell, China offered free land to the foreign companies to invest in China back in the 80s , as along as they hire the local people to work

  • xun zong

    xun zong

     5 hours ago

    So so bad

  • Rey J

    Rey J

     8 hours ago

    You know this is great and all but let’s not the forget the humanitarian crisis in Hong Kong and their suppression of human rights. Doing some good does not justify evil. Although to be fair towards China the lack of support from Western nations is very discomforting

  • Mr Mister

    Mr Mister

     13 hours ago

    I wish Africa would stop relying on people so much, god it’s always relying on stupid China (no offense) and when a white guy visits they treat it like jesus second coming, seriously Africa is bigger than America I don’t understand why it’s this hard god, do you peoples not realize they are using you? Stop trusting other countries just do it yourself we can help our own country but we always wanna rely on old stupid countries for help

  • I Stole your Car While your read my Username

    I Stole your Car While your read my Username

     22 hours ago

    I can see why the Philippine's current president wants to ally with China, which is a good idea and would help our economy.

  • Some John Doe

    Some John Doe

     2 days ago

    I love China they are crafty, they will get African resources for a fraction of the cost while moving in more and more to Africa. They already have some police stations of their own in South Africa. A force for good in Africa.

  • Alphonso ButlakIV

    Alphonso ButlakIV

     2 days ago

    America once used cheap African labor, and had the Chinese help us build our railroads, but there was a lot of unethical old timey racism back then, so good to see they are willingly coming together this time to do it again for themselves. Hope there won't be any new timey racism from this.

  • christian gonzalez

    christian gonzalez

     2 days ago +1

    Africa is gonna get a uppercut in the chin in the coming years when China has control. And when that happens Africa will suffer. I guess they don't learn from history and take their own initiative.

  • H Paul

    H Paul

     3 days ago +3

    China’s growth on the world economy is the “one of the greatest achievements in world history”. The poverty rate went from 88% to less than 1% and life expectancy increase by more than 10 years. And many more achievement can be added.

  • SomeRandomGuy


     3 days ago

    America despite being a nation that's stands for Freedom, liberty, and justice has spilled a lot of blood to other nations in the name of liberation and democracy.

    China despite being an Authoritarian nation that forbids liberty and freedom it has done more good than harm. Instead of using its resources to commit proxy wars it helps nations build infrastructure, and strong economy.

  • kev goldfish

    kev goldfish

     3 days ago

    Arguing helping poor countries by building infrastructures and funding businesses is a bad thing: that’s ridiculous wtf
    Find out it’s China whos doing it: oh yeah it suddenly all make sense now
    Oh the irony

  • Be_ Jo98

    Be_ Jo98

     4 days ago

    I thought wendover productions was copycat of half as interesting

  • Tony Zachary

    Tony Zachary

     4 days ago

    and china owns and runs them all /every thing/and if they dont pay they take more and more this is africa punishment for the slave trade now they will be ruled bye china

  • 五毛外宣部副部长


     4 days ago


  • YSDQ


     4 days ago

    Civ V. China gained so much influence over the city-states of Africa by giving them money

  • Phillip Gibbon

    Phillip Gibbon

     4 days ago

    china uses loan not free money china bad so please use good free money from imf lol

  • Rob Pashley

    Rob Pashley

     4 days ago

    The Chinese will manipulate and use the Africans. This is really sad and dangerous

  • Xinyuan Zhang

    Xinyuan Zhang

     5 days ago +2

    China has expanded with peace. I am very proud of that.

  • Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee

     5 days ago +1

    The Chinese are the most racist arrogant and two faced of all the Asian ethnic groups Africa will suffer in the end mark my words , if African nations want growth and development its best that they do it themselves.