Zelda's Real Life Ninjas Were RUTHLESS! (Zelda Breath of the Wild) | Culture Shock

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 16, 2017
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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is steeped in references to Japanese culture, but even GG was surprised to find how much NINJAS play a role in Nintendo's newest Zelda game. In this episode, GG will reveal the uncanny connection that Hyrule's Yiga have with Japanese ninjas!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/zPe73U_3_1s


  • dylan _

    dylan _

     5 months ago

    Is this game theory or a YouTube glitch

  • OtakuCruzers


     5 months ago

    Me and my friend use yiga clan when we are talking about black people

  • Tucher97


     6 months ago

    I have to ask, but the Hylians are based on some sort of high elves, or some sort, but I have to ask, the games I played such as the zelda franchise, the elder scrolls franchise, the warhammer 40k and fantasy even the movies of lord of the rings, I noticed there are some aspects of all them, that is bird like imagery, some sort of covert operations and female based deities and magic, I find that really strange

  • Xomvoid Gaming

    Xomvoid Gaming

     6 months ago

    Gannon in this game is mindless he also never led the Yiga. They simply worship him



     7 months ago

    I don't have much, or next to no evidence for it, but I'm sure that the Yiga are the shiekah....but from lorule from a link between worlds. Think of it. Lorule's royal sign is the upside down triforce, so wouldn't it make sense for there to be a lorian version of the shiekah, too? And if the lorules royal sign is an UPSIDE DOWN triforce, an upside down shiekah sign being seen only makes me think back to a link between worlds. I hope you take in this information and would love to get a reply. It would make my whatever day here could be a reply

  • Dragonight Altland

    Dragonight Altland

     7 months ago


  • Edward Emma

    Edward Emma

     8 months ago

    The subtitles at 1:25...the Yuka clan and breasts of the wild...

  • dark5iveninja


     8 months ago

    I am a black belt in Taekwondo and I own a pair of kammas

  • Dustin Kettle

    Dustin Kettle

     8 months ago

    that metal door had me stuck from a couple of minutes I had no idea it was there

  • Ben Duford

    Ben Duford

     9 months ago

    Nobunaga's title translates to Dairokuten Mao the Rokuten Mao part is Kanji's ultamate Persona in P4

  • Koyuki Kazehana

    Koyuki Kazehana

     11 months ago

    O.o naruto characters are legendary

  • xD_Dani_xD Gaming

    xD_Dani_xD Gaming

     11 months ago

    Alas, not only we learned of the yigas, we also learned of the 3 sanins of naruto.

  • T0K3Y


     11 months ago

    8:14 THICC BOI

  • Devan Mescall

    Devan Mescall

     11 months ago

    Orochimaru? Juria? HINADA!? Naruto anyone?

  • Irmãos MenFer

    Irmãos MenFer

     11 months ago

    6:02 JIRAIYA?!
    6:06 OROCHIMARU?!
    Man, Naruto is a real thing...

  • Terryranisauras Rex

    Terryranisauras Rex

     a years ago

    Also yiga used to be Sheika so yeah of course they are both ninja

  • Ace


     a years ago

    The more you know (cue the sound).

  • Gizmo Mogwi

    Gizmo Mogwi

     a years ago

    From what I understand, if a ninja did carry a "sword" it was most likely a boken or another wooden sword. Which may not be able to cut a person, it still could severely injure them, including breaking bones.

  • Blake Renimu

    Blake Renimu

     a years ago

    Wait! Not completely unaware: they are the ugliest hylians. Have anyone else noticed that??

  • Aaron Raynor

    Aaron Raynor

     a years ago

    (3:24)what is with japan and bananas