Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Taco



  • Yonny


     a years ago +167

    too lazy to do this, goes outside to find a nearby paletero and buy a chocotaco for 1.50

  • HellthyJunkFood


     a years ago +562

    It’s not pink... fail 😏
    Where my p’ers at?

  • Smug Hat Kid

    Smug Hat Kid

     a years ago +403

    I prefer a taco-dipped chocolate, but alright

  • JSo3


     a years ago +49

    David, we'll wait. But the sooner the better. #DavidSeymour

  • Jesse loves Nicole

    Jesse loves Nicole

     a years ago +71

    Choco taco

  • imikiaka


     a years ago +80

    rip my teeth

  • Shane Taylor

    Shane Taylor

     a years ago +15

    I feel like this was just a huge middle finger to Healthy Junk Food

  • Justin Eats

    Justin Eats

     a years ago +35

    I'll save this for Taco Tuesday.

  • Pro Player 1⃣

    Pro Player 1⃣

     a years ago +156

    I thought they would dip an actual taco in that chocolate

  • muskan sharma

    muskan sharma

     a years ago +47

    please do a video which will have rie everyone love rie

  • jeannn


     a years ago +9

    @ThreadBanger take notes😂

  • Xzenen


     a years ago +9

    Just call it a Choco Taco..

  • Luwiz Silva

    Luwiz Silva

     a years ago +10

    Here before Justin Y.

  • Fluminox5284 -

    Fluminox5284 -

     a years ago +4

    Here before Justin Y

  • Tina George

    Tina George

     a years ago +12

    Well hjf (healthy junk food) would like to get credits for that

  • Fluminox5284 -

    Fluminox5284 -

     a years ago +2

    Why are you running

  • auni fadillah

    auni fadillah

     a years ago +1

    Who else just watches tasty for entertainment and never makes them
    Ugh umm,ME

  • Investing Hustler

    Investing Hustler

     a years ago +1

    Looks soo good 🤤 Wish I could cook as good as you maybe I would have more than 2144 subscribers 🤔😅

  • Samara Sousa

    Samara Sousa

     a years ago +2


  • Tanya Hartley

    Tanya Hartley

     a years ago

    I love yall. Thank you this is my favorite fast icecream bar from the gas station! Chaco taco! 🤗🤩