Game Theory: Sonic is Lying...AGAIN! (Sonic Mania)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 17, 2017
  • Visit Natalie's Channel For More on GEMS! ► SOLVED Zelda’s Timeline! ►► to Catch all the Theories ►► may not be the gaming powerhouse it once was, but SONIC will forever be a classic video game hero. But despite the loving nostalgia I hold for Sonic, his games don’t always make the most sense. Chaos Emeralds, for example, are one of the more ridiculous aspects of any gaming franchise. Or are they? The idea behind chaos emeralds is that they’re powerful battery-like rocks. As crazy as that sounds, it’s a lot closer to reality than you might think!SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories ► out with us on GTLive! ►► More THEORIES:I Want to Be the Devil! | Hello Neighbor ►► is TRAGIC! | Petscop ►► G-Man's IDENTITY REVEALED! ►► Mario Odyssey’s GIANT Problem! ►'s SCARIEST Monster is You! ►► Is INSANELY RICH! ►► is W.D. Gaster? | UNDERTALE ►► Were WRONG about The BITE! | FNAF ► Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► Shock ►► SCIENCE! ►►
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  • The Game Theorists

    The Game Theorists

     a years ago +6186

    Just to clarify...
    I'm not using the Sonic comics to "prove" the theory by any means. The conclusion that the Emeralds are quartz is based solely on evidence from the games: Color and Behavior. I'm then using the comic lore to draw parallels that I thought were interesting as I researched, like the radiation and compression machine. So the fact that the comic lore isn't canon doesn't have any actual bearing on the conclusion that I reached in the theory...or maybe the radioactive quartz means that lore is more canon than you might think... ;)

  • Qwertiop


     3 months ago +514

    5:12 “If they’re not emeralds, what are they?”
    Infinity Stones, obviously!

  • Cody Davidson

    Cody Davidson

     6 months ago +151

    When you realize the Naruto run first appeared in 2002, and Sonic began to run with his arms behind his body in 1993

  • Lucky Studios

    Lucky Studios

     3 months ago +109

    Duh they’re all emeralds spray painted there saved ya some time

  • OverhandFrog


     5 months ago +32

    "Green color of quartz comes from radiation exposure"
    - shows biohazard warning in background instead of ionizing radiation warning -
    99/100 Mat, keep trying
    (Love the vids btw <3)

  • Shane Carroll

    Shane Carroll

     a years ago +395

    I absolutely DESPISE MYSELF FOR KNOWING THIS, but in the same origin comics that’s being quoted, it specifically states that the Xorda’s gene bombs interacted with “beryl deposits” underground, and that originally, all chaos emeralds were in fact green and were quite numerous. It wasn’t until some “crisis on infinite earths” level shenanigans that I don’t recall the specifics of, that the multiple green emeralds were fused into the singular green emerald, with the other “emeralds” being transported in from other planets, and therefore likely having a different mineral composition, thus explaining their unusual color.

  • Copper Kid

    Copper Kid

     2 months ago +56

    Swap the white gem for a orange gem then
    You have the human souls from undertale
    Red = determination
    Orange (white) = bravery
    Yellow = justice
    Green = Kindness
    Cyan = patience
    Dark blue = interiority
    Purple = Perseverance

  • Embler


     3 months ago +87

    4:50 what a coincidence the only chaos emerald that is an emerald shares its color with the most powerful of them all : the master emerald. Maybe they knew all along.

  • Yhenz Marcelo

    Yhenz Marcelo

     3 months ago +73

    11:13 if u see it u can't unsee it
    That's a bad shape just saying I have a dirty mind

  • AaronBrowses


     2 months ago +55

    ugh it's always that damn fourth chaos emerald.

  • Rodrigo


     a years ago +713

    Do a Baryl roll
    Get it?
    I'll just go home😞

  • Ronna Strandlof

    Ronna Strandlof

     4 months ago +34

    Even though they are called Chaos Emeralds, I always thought they were diamonds

  • GuessItFast



    I was rubbing my screen with a microfiber towel... and then Mat said gotta rub it the right way.

  • fairymairah


     5 months ago +11

    Reminds me of Steven Universe and it's simerlar to Ninja Turtles 11:00 ! ! ! !

  • Little Frog

    Little Frog

     5 months ago +32

    "Who's ripping off WHOM here.." Matpat, I'm disappointed in you... :)

  • Eggs YT

    Eggs YT

     3 months ago +9

    This makes me curious
    What would happen if sonic trips? Does he get a severe burn? He may get a 99th degree road burn
    ; )

  • Banana Content

    Banana Content

     6 months ago +28

    I really wonder who thought of a blue hedgehog who runs at the speed of sound, a fox who has two tails and can fly.
    Props to to you.

  • Cole Evans

    Cole Evans

     5 months ago +7

    I like super sonic better then super sayin goku

  • [TSA]canal mais variado/ most random channel

    [TSA]canal mais variado/ most random channel

     3 months ago +21

    Conclusion:sonic uses chaos quatz but call them emeralds because chaos emeralds sounds better than chaos quartz

  • ReboyGTR


     a years ago +2004

    What episode of Steven Universe is this?