Snap Spectacles: Are They the Face Camera We’ve Been Waiting For? | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 26, 2018
  • You have to give Snap credit for giving hardware another try. Its first attempt, the face-camera called Spectacles, fell short of spectacular. But they're back with a new version. The yellow rings around the lenses are gone (the company decided the LED lights were enough of an indication that users are recording video). The new model is more expensive ($150) but it's water-resistant, comes in new colors, and has enhanced imaging capabilities.

    WIRED's Lauren Goode and Arielle Pardes test drive the new Snap Spectacles at California's Great America.

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    Snap Spectacles: Are They the Face Camera We’ve Been Waiting For? | WIRED
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  • vrmkk


     20 days ago

    Does Snapchat have any filter that make the spectacles look less ugly?

  • Pascal de Aguiar

    Pascal de Aguiar

     29 days ago

    The circular format is awful

  • Vanburen Studios

    Vanburen Studios

     4 months ago

    Instagram need to bring out their own version of these

  • Neil Fordan

    Neil Fordan

     4 months ago

    subscribed for lauren :)

  • Lexus Fox

    Lexus Fox

     5 months ago

    I just want the ruby Spectacles because they combine with one of my burgundy Evisu sweatshirts.
    It’s techy, but also stylish, just my vibe.

  • Liam Dunayevsky

    Liam Dunayevsky

     6 months ago

    The spectacles also record audio?

  • Matthew Myles

    Matthew Myles

     6 months ago

    • Looks same, just a bit different color
    • Less battery life
    • Stil looks like something only Elton John might wear
    How to improve these? Use the opposite strategy:
    • Make them look like more like normal glasses, a bit stealthier
    • Longer battery life, maybe also implement live streaming
    • Instead of these bulky plastic circles, you should make them feel more premium, as in $150 premium (that's how much Ray Ban costs)
    Everybody hated Google glasses but they were more useful than these are, although they too made you look like an alien.

  • JD Licoski

    JD Licoski

     6 months ago

    I clicked on the video and the moment I realized Lauren is now with Wired I hit subscribe.

  • Space Dog

    Space Dog

     6 months ago

    When Google does it it's "Creepy" When Snapchat does it it's "the Face Camera We’ve Been Waiting For".

  • Natsu Baruah Jr

    Natsu Baruah Jr

     7 months ago

    Yanny Goode

  • sweiland75


     7 months ago

    It will fail just like Google Glasses

  • Joseph Hammond

    Joseph Hammond

     7 months ago

    Woooooo Lauren's back!

  • Ruben


     7 months ago

    $150... Make them $50 with different designs and then maybe.

  • Bobbie Koppejan

    Bobbie Koppejan

     7 months ago

    Or maybe use a not circular format so the footage is actually useful

  • Mister Smith

    Mister Smith

     7 months ago

    Anyone wearing these should be punched firmly in the face.
    Fucken spies.

  • Machi FREEMAN

    Machi FREEMAN

     7 months ago

    You can be that much of a nerd if you don't know what's the difference between the circular video and a 16:9

  • Cole Haskins

    Cole Haskins

     7 months ago +1

    Lol the comments are just a Lauren roast

  • Cole Haskins

    Cole Haskins

     7 months ago +1

    Lauren what happened to The Verge?

  • Ricardo I.

    Ricardo I.

     7 months ago

    I love this comparison. If has a Spectacles squared, maybe I will buy one. The frame in the same colour of the glasses are better than the old yellow frame. It is like a regular sun glasses. Awesome.

  • Ricardo I.

    Ricardo I.

     7 months ago

    Waiting to see the twins in action again. :)