Build a 7.5 foot boat with 2 sheets of plywood -The Garage Engineer and Trail47

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 16, 2019
  • Today at The Garage Engineer, we build a boat. It is 7.5 foot and made using 2 sheets of 1/4" plywood. This video was for this channel and

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    Klein Self-adjusting wire stripper
    Wire terminal with heat shrink
    SK ¼” socket set
    3M Super 33+ electrical tape
    RevMark variety pack markers
    Rev mark Black marker

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    Delta Table Saw -
    Makita Compound Miter Saw -
    Weldbond Multipurpose Glue -
    Astro 450 Lumen LED Light

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    Stanley 12' tape measure -

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  • Charlie Ramone

    Charlie Ramone

     a months ago +17

    Where do I download the plans?

  • TheSoloAsylum


     15 hours ago

    I'd add a little transom bracing for my 9.5hp short shaft I have, that thing would scoot.

  • Enigma Punch

    Enigma Punch

     18 hours ago +1

    Guess i know what my summer project is going to be!

  • Noneof Urbusiness

    Noneof Urbusiness

     21 hours ago

    Lie! theres more than 2 sheets of plywood

  • psaremania



    👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Syahrun Syahrun

    Syahrun Syahrun


    I think this not to strong on the water because just use multiplex and finishing color paint only ???

  • Kenneth see

    Kenneth see

     yesterday +1

    Nice work and thanks for helping me find my next fun project

  • Sasha Nealand

    Sasha Nealand


    I like the seat

  • Debra Abbondola

    Debra Abbondola


    Very cool




    Nice & easy build boat. 👍

  • Fawzia Nazar

    Fawzia Nazar


    wow !

  • David S

    David S


    Great build! Any "in-water" video yet?

  • Eric Z

    Eric Z

     2 days ago

    I love blue or yellow

  • Engage FPV

    Engage FPV

     2 days ago +1

    I built one from those plans from Hannu’s boatyard (same website). It worked out great for a few years. I left it outside after using it in a couple different river floods and the floor started separating eventually. Where the floor connects to the sides has the most pressure on it. I also used a thicker transom than the plan called for. Nice video 👍

  • Darren Erickson

    Darren Erickson

     3 days ago

    Very nice. Really enjoyed seeing the fore-aft bench seat - very clever idea. Thanks for making the video!

  • R.Wayne Dees

    R.Wayne Dees

     3 days ago

    I Loved It Completely...Design...Construction...Each & Every Step Thought Through. HOWEVER !!! HOW COULD YOU GO THROUGH ALL THAT, WITH THE VIEWER...AND ''NOT'' SHOW US A SMALL VIEWING OF ''THE MAIDEN VOYAGE'' you know, like 'IN WATER'' otherwise, BIG THUMBS UP

  • John


     3 days ago

    Couldn't finish because the lame music.

  • David Chiu

    David Chiu

     4 days ago +1

    very cool
    -- the rough cutting on the bottom then recuts to make ready
    for final matching is very smart to avoid regret from trying
    to get it too precise the first go... I rather prefer gap-spaced
    gunnels for more strength and would have done a full sheathing
    of the the bottom and sides and another patch at bow and stern
    for wear along w/ your reinforced seams plus treated plywood
    for the motor mount and used scraps from the 2nd sheet
    to carry along as drop-in floor reinforcements

  • zarcangel


     4 days ago

    Could explain it in the video then the shitty music.

  • Tukang Abal Abal

    Tukang Abal Abal

     4 days ago +1

    u nee to layer it with resin and fiberglass, so it strong