Oaxacan Mole Negro - THE MOST MYSTERIOUS Mexican Food in Oaxaca Village, Mexico!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 25, 2018
  • Mole negro is one of the most amazing Mexican foods!
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    Cooking Oaxacan mole negro from scratch was one of the best food and cultural experiences I’ve ever had. On top of that, we didn’t really know what we were going to do when we set off in the morning… but things worked out for the best. Thank you to Javier and his family for inviting us into their home to cook amazing Oaxacan food!

    So in the morning the plan was
    Rent a van for the day
    Drive to a village
    Find a market
    Ask a nice Grandmother or Aunty to cook us some authentic Oaxacan mole negro

    Now, mole negro is one of the most complex and mysterious of all the Oaxacan Mexican food dishes. There’s such a huge mix of random ingredients in the dish, and no one knows for sure how it was invented or how it came about - there are only legends.

    After renting a van for the day, our driver Javier came to pick us up and we started talking with him to see if he knew anyone that would make us Oaxacan mole negro from scratch. He called his Mom, and she agreed!

    We picked up Mom in a place called Tlacolula de Matamoros, and we went straight to the market to buy all the ingredients for mole negro. Tlacolula de Matamoros is a predominantly Zapotec town, an Indigenous pre-Columbian civilization from the Valley of Oaxaca

    We got back to the house and started preparing all the ingredients. Let me tell you, mole negro has to be one of the most complex and mysterious of all Mexican food. It includes so many random and seemingly odd ingredients. It was a lot of fun to learn how to make it.

    The end result of the Oaxacan mole negro, was supreme. The sauce was so rich, chocolatey, and you could taste all the random ingredients in it - the nuts and dried fruit. It’s deliciously complex.

    Mole was amazing, and having the chance to hang out in a traditional Oaxacan village to cook was priceless.

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  • Joel Gernhardt

    Joel Gernhardt

     42 minutes ago

    Wow,,, I want to bring this lady to my house for a week to just get in the kitchen and go crazy. I can make a few things that may be new to her and she can cook that mole for me.

  • platinumUser7


     3 hours ago

    It is not chocolate stew

  • Yvonne Ledesma

    Yvonne Ledesma

     5 hours ago

    4:56 "ah chicken " ahaha

  • siby mathew

    siby mathew

     5 hours ago

    Shouting Hallelujah to this one. Chicken in chocolate. Genius. We often forget chocolate isn't some sweet crap. It's a fruit nut.!!! Genuis

  • siby mathew

    siby mathew

     5 hours ago

    1.you CANNOT reduce to calling this a sauce!! A mole is a mole

    2.she cooked her heart off!!!

    3.she used walnuts, cinamon, resins and almonds like they just for 2bucks!!!! Bruh the quantity she used was insane.. A 100 gram is 500 rupees here!!!!!!!! And she literally invested A weeks budget on this mole just for you!!!
    Please tell me you paid her some decent amount!!(though tere can't be a repayment for this)AND KISSED HER A KISS OF GRATITUDE. cuz nothing less than that would be sufficient.!

    4.mexicans are like Cameroonians! They don't joke with their food. Food takes time. That was an investment of soul into that!

    5.mark has a trade mark expression natural to him when he appreciates the food. BUT the way she prepared this and the things that went into this.. Not just ingredients. But soul. I thought when he tastes this one I was waiting to hear a stomping of feet and screams of contentment!!! That expression wasn't enough o for that meal! She prepared it with zero complaints on last minute notice haha. She spent her day doing this bruh just for three of them to consume it in few mins chaaaiii!!!! Food eh!

    I don't even want to eat anything. I'm full watching this o

  • Melissa


     17 hours ago

    It's incredible how these people prepare food. The stove, etc, grinding.....

  • uniqueflowsnake



    Great people, great food. I only wish the subtitles would tell me more than [speaking in foreign language]. :D

  • karlagv1994



    La Guelaguetza Resturant has great mole if you’re visiting the Los Angeles, CA area. It’s a Oaxacan restaurant. 😙👌🏼

  • Ivette Loeza

    Ivette Loeza


    Yo quiero mole ya seme antojo 🥰

  • Lupita Rodríguez

    Lupita Rodríguez

     2 days ago

    ¡Te amo mi México hermoso!💗

  • Letty


     2 days ago

    I’m jealous😩😭

  • Topdime Mc

    Topdime Mc

     2 days ago

    Lucky mofó, except the grasshoppers (gross)!

  • Harold Guizar

    Harold Guizar

     2 days ago

    We call the beberage pozol. You graciously said is good, y personally nevera like it; its an adquiered test. The tamales look amazing!.....and that mole yummy with tortillas, What a feast.

  • Jemelie Rodriguez

    Jemelie Rodriguez

     2 days ago

    @markwiens you have the kindest soulful eyes I've ever seen. Also, love the video and the beautiful people preparing it. I watched this video while eating my homemade chicken curry and now I want to make mole ! although I prefer beef instead of pollo. I can tell you enjoyed it. I love Mexican food too.

  • Gaming & Lipstick

    Gaming & Lipstick

     3 days ago

    Beautiful people... That is labor intensive...

  • canadianpinayheart


     3 days ago

    That house and kitchen and everything in it, is filled with love...I'm missing my mom...

  • Adela Jaime

    Adela Jaime

     3 days ago

    I love this lady ❤️👏🏼

  • Adela Jaime

    Adela Jaime

     3 days ago

    Somos maravillosos los Oaxacos 💪🏻🇲🇽💯❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏼

  • gio b.

    gio b.

     3 days ago

    I needa Mexican girl fr lol

  • Matt


     4 days ago

    Not sure how often I have watched this vlog? Many, many times. There is no doubt that life for this beautiful family is not easy but you would never know it. Mark’s Mexico adventure is truly some of the best travel for food content that there is. Wish he would go back and spend a few months. Like his adventures to India, Mark looks so happy, so excited. How I feel when I go to Mexico. Life is better with Mark in it. Safe travels to you. Long live beautiful 🇲🇽