Sandusky cop arrested, hits deputy's cruiser

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 24, 2018
  • Erie County sheriff's deputies arrested Sandusky police Officer Kenneth Gautschi, 46, Sunday night after he allegedly drove over the speed limit while allegedly under the influence of alcohol. Gautschi also allegedly improperly had a gun in his car, and hit a deputy's cruiser with his handcuffed hands.
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  • wake up

    wake up

     35 minutes ago

    He'll be forever known as "ossiffer stumbles and mumbles"😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • wake up

    wake up

     47 minutes ago

    This mf clearly has mental issues,, absolutely no business being a cop,

  • wake up

    wake up

     an hour ago

    Is this guy a police officer?

  • Joel Woods

    Joel Woods

     15 hours ago

    I got my fire arms ticket it's called p.a.s.s loaded gun in the car how hasn't he been shot by now love how the try 2 hide it 2 lol

  • Iamthenewworldorder


     19 hours ago

    So it looks like this is a city cop getting arrested by the county Police. I feel like a lot of city cops think they're better than rural cops. But maybe that's just a stereotype.

  • Colton Minger

    Colton Minger

     19 hours ago

    he says many times I'm a police officer

    alright bro he heard you

  • Jill ThePrivateinvestigator

    Jill ThePrivateinvestigator

     21 hours ago

    Olllkaaay. 🤦

  • Noob Owl

    Noob Owl

     yesterday +1

    Do you have any weapons in the car?


    1 minute later

    The middle console.

  • Jesse Murillo

    Jesse Murillo


    Deputy: Sir are you drunk?
    Ken: Right

  • Dennis Matthews

    Dennis Matthews


    Yes it's loaded..this is a recording. .smh

  • Zocto31



    FOOL MOON!!!

  • HiHaRya HookMeUp

    HiHaRya HookMeUp


    he was not treated like a civilian. a different
    standard of president.

  • frank frank

    frank frank


    We should take our driver's test drunk. So when stopped and tested, the cop can say " you're .09, you can leave because you're good to .14."

  • Georgia Brown

    Georgia Brown

     2 days ago

    Is he serious.

  • A'Niyah Byrd

    A'Niyah Byrd

     2 days ago


  • This YouTubers Neighbor

    This YouTubers Neighbor

     3 days ago

    Shitty situations, wonder how many mothers the drunk cop heard while investigating a suicide of a teenager. Or how many family's he has seen relatives blasted away. Maybe a lot maybe none. No excuse to break the law but as it's been said he is a cop. Those words are strong when you realize what that job actually entails.

  • LiveFreeOrRIP


     3 days ago

    im not sure why someone else in a insanely bad situation is really funny to me... Like im almost pissing my pants when he broke down lol.... Crying... You are drunk on the road...

  • TheDeldiz


     3 days ago

    He doesn't wanna ride in the back seat. He wants to ride in the front like a big boy. :P

  • Dannie


     3 days ago +1

    Love how this professional curtsey goes,
    "I have to treat you like everyone else" meanwhile @roadside
    Want to call a lawyer?
    Anyone you want to call?
    Not thrown to the ground face first in mud or gravel. Cuffed in front
    All while drunk and happen to have a loaded fire arm.

  • Father Mayhem

    Father Mayhem

     3 days ago

    "Treat you like anybody else" then I must have missed the part where they tazed beat and ridiculed him as soon as he hesitated to do as he was told 🤷‍♂️