Daft Punk - Veridis Quo (Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 5, 2016
  • I made a music video for "Veridis Quo" using clips from Daft Punk's 2006 film/short film "Electroma".If you enjoyed, please consider subscribing, as I'll be making more Daft Punk music videos using this film in the future. Thanks for watching :)
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ySLc8gZ3oEc


  • kyriakos mylona

     1 years ago

    who wants this song as a background while living their lives?

  • Mori bundy

     3 days ago

    No one its a great song but sad as hell

  • Giannis Papadopoulos

     1 months ago

    It would be a very sad life :( I love this song, but it tears me apart

  • Shawn Moran

     2 months ago

    I don't know if robots can cry, but they can definitely make me do it.

  • silvina trigo rivas

     7 months ago

    Parece que no dice nada.. Pero lo dice todo sin palabras.. Así como las grandes cosas que se nombran solas.. Me conmueve hasta la médula.. Estos tipos son unos genios.. Excelencia es poco

  • Hector Cardenas

     3 days ago

    Simio C NO entiendes.

  • Hector Cardenas

     3 days ago

    Jhordy Jimenez No entiendes NADA.

  • Oğuzhan Zobar

     5 months ago

    3001: A Daft Punk Odyssey

  • Gulom Azizkhujaev

     3 months ago

    Rendezvous with Daft Punk

  • LadyBunny

     7 months ago

    Un comentario ya lo había mencionado, pero esta canción hace que sienta cosas que no entiendo. Y recuerde cosas que creía olvidadas.Es increíble como Daft Punk logró eso a pesar de qué básicamente esta canción no tiene letra. Eso demuestra que en algunos casos no es necesario ser muy explicito, tener letras poéticas (u horrendas), para que te sientas de un modo.Increíble ❤

  • Romario Alcazar Casas

     24 days ago

    esta cancion me causa tristeza..Cada quien lo inyerpreta de distintas maneras, en el video solo puedo ver los triste que se sentia al no tener a su unico compañero,,queriendose suicidar pero solo no podia

  • VampireAristocratic

     1 months ago

    A mi me pone sad y me saca las lagrimas :”v

  • CR R

     1 years ago

    words are not needed to express emotions

  • Timothy the potato

     15 hours ago

    Damn that’s deep

  • Warner West

     5 months ago

    @David Hertz not even music, just a body and humanoid actions

  • Cosmic Surfer

     10 months ago

    You have made a beautiful video that goes along extremely well with the song. Until I read the description of the video I thought this was the original video for the song. :)

  • Svibor Gamulin

     5 months ago

    Agreed! Me too

  • Jerenov Vidimy

     3 months ago


  • Ricardo Santiago

     2 days ago

    @- Bad Karma - true but they can read the instrument lyrics

  • Gohidan

     2 months ago

    In the far future,When team earth is playing against team aliens in the milky way olympicsThis music should be the earth anthem.

  • Daniel Cardenas

     11 days ago

    MV11 You are an alien.

  • Jhordy Jimenez

     14 days ago

    @MV11 lmao

  • BayArea 3243

     2 months ago

    Veridis QuoVeri DisQuoVeri DiscoVery DiscoDisco VeryDiscoveryThanks for all the likes!

  • Luper ionic

     7 days ago

    Somebody took the red pill

  • L. B.

     a months ago

    @SOLaharl they have an album called 'Discovery'