Luigi's Mansion 3 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Welcome to the Last Resort! (Nintendo Switch)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 31, 2019
  • Luigi's Mansion 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! The Last Resort Gameplay!
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    Thanks for watching my Luigi's Mansion 3 Gameplay and Walkthrough! I'm super excited to see Luigi get scared on the Nintendo Switch! You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature my impressions, reactions, and commentary throughout the full story including the ending, all bosses, all ghosts, and all gems! If you're a fan of the Luigi's Mansion series, then let's play Luigi's Mansion 3! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes today!

    Luigi’s invited to the towering Last Resort hotel, but when Mario and friends go missing, our green-clad hero will have to conquer his fears to save them! Slam, blow away, and vacuum up ghosts with the all-new Poltergust G-00, and join forces with Gooigi to overcome the puzzling contraptions and mischievous boss on each themed floor. And that’s just the Last Resort. Enter the ScareScraper for 8-player local wireless or online co-op gameplay. See if you can defeat all the ghosts, rescue all the toads, or clear other objectives before time runs out…in the ScareScraper! And for more mini-game madness, compete on teams at the ScreamPark! Whether you play with friends or wander the hotel alone, you’ll be sucked in by the atmospheric music and ghoulish décor of every cobwebby corner you explore. Why not take in the cinematic sights and sounds with a friend? In the main adventure, you and a friend can play together as Luigi and Gooigi in two-player co-op! Gooigi can walk on spikes, slip through tight spaces, and help Luigi overcome obstacles he can’t tackle alone. Never hurts to have a friend in this hotel; it may not be very spooky, but Luigi begs to differ!

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    Name: Luigi's Mansion 3
    Developer: Next Level Games
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Platforms: Nintendo Switch
    Release Date: October 31, 2019

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  • ZackScottGames


     a months ago +870

    Here it is guys, Luigi's Mansion 3! I've been waiting months for this. I'm glad you all could tune in and watch! Thanks in advance for all of your support!

  • Matsuna13


     4 hours ago

    I have two of the Luigi’s mansions games (1 was the remake) and beaten the second game. This game is one of the three Switch games I like to get! This looks so good!

  • Rashed gamer 65

    Rashed gamer 65

     8 hours ago

    I think the time is 1:00 midnight

  • Richard Holmes

    Richard Holmes

     13 hours ago

    Hellen Gravley Is The Owner Of PolterKitty you probs know this lol

  • Richard Holmes

    Richard Holmes

     13 hours ago

    Also Cat’s Name: PolterKitty

  • Richard Holmes

    Richard Holmes

     13 hours ago

    The dog’s name: PolterPup

  • Ja'U Fired MEH

    Ja'U Fired MEH

     23 hours ago

    Lol what's with the commentary? "It's not a windy road it's a bumpy road." Lol

  • ๖ۣۜKบgส Sสภ

    ๖ۣۜKบgส Sสภ


    where is daisy at? its sad seeing luigi all alone like that in a bus. except for the dog.

  • Its Just Me You know?

    Its Just Me You know?


    Zack : So we’re gonna get them all right?
    Me : GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL (Pokemon)

  • Mirai Kuriyama

    Mirai Kuriyama


    Luigi: Aw yeah!

    ZackScottGames: Aw yeah!
    Me: Aw yeah!
    Everyone: Aw yeah!

  • YT Gaming

    YT Gaming


    the scariest thing that scares me the most is what lies in his size 3 1/2 shoes.

  • Bryson Yoakum

    Bryson Yoakum


    That goust is wearing a mask

  • YT Gaming

    YT Gaming


    Nice to be seeing you play this game again

  • Austine Kang

    Austine Kang


    Looks like Luigi turned into a Ghostbuster again!!

  • Mary Chester

    Mary Chester


    Hey zack, my name is Mia, I’m 4. I think the thing on the stage turns your slim into super slim.

  • Ricky Erwin

    Ricky Erwin


    You missed the gold bars above you twice once at 28:49 and again at 55:51.

  • Maddison Sam

    Maddison Sam


    To get in the cage you need gooigi

  • Luigi836


     yesterday +1

    I'm so glad this game is back, and it's just like the old one, luigi's mansion 2. Anyone here remember how great the music and soundtracks were in luigi's mansion 2? just me?

  • caioliveira dias

    caioliveira dias

     2 days ago

    Meu canal favorito mesmo sendo do Estados Unidos e eu não entendo quase nada

  • Moymoy Engco

    Moymoy Engco

     2 days ago