BLAME Official Trailer (2017) Strange Romance Movie HD

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 5, 2017
  • BLAME Official Trailer (2017) Release Date: April 22nd, 2017Cast: Chris Messina ... (Jeremy Woods)Trieste Kelly Dunn ... (Jennifer)Tate Donovan ... (Robert McCarthy) Geneva Carr ... (Mrs. Howell) Nadia Alexander ... (Melissa Bowman)
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  • o. c.

    o. c.

     a years ago +3980

    This trailer doesn't give the movie justice. Ok listen I just HAD to watch this movie
    now hear me out.... this is the classic “don't judge a book by it's cover”
    it isn't a triangle between two students and a teacher. Yes, the brunette falls for her teacher but it doesn't go beyond that one kiss–– now the second girl has a plot twist amazing. I strongly recommend it, I thought it was going to be a bad cliché but I liked it, it was nothing like the trailer suggests and I loved that. I would recommend.
    BONUS: It was written, directed, produced and starred by Quinn Shephard. Show some girl power love.

  • Makeda B.

    Makeda B.

     a years ago +7554

    Teacher student romance in riverdale everyone is fine with
    Teacher student romance in this movie that they haven’t even seen everyone is going bat shit crazy

  • simpleplanfan011


     a years ago +5129

    People get angry about this but when PLL was on tv, where were you when Aria hooked up with (and eventually MARRIED) her high school teacher? At least here the students are 18; Aria was 16.

  • Celina Kay

    Celina Kay

     a years ago +3603

    People are weird. Everyone is so disgusted by this, but when it happens in shows like PLL or Riverdale or in a wattpad book, most people root for the relationship. Don't be a hypocrite and stop shitting on this movie if you haven't even watched it and really seen what it's about.

  • ChenellaKim김차히


     a years ago +5347

    That teacher ain't even cute........

  • uzma


     a years ago +5396

    it's literally titled as a strange romance, it's supposed to make us feel uneasy, it's not a cute romcom with a riverdale love triangle

  • Mageneated


     a years ago +5362

    Teachers preying on young students isn't a 'compelling romance', it's pedophilia, such a gross premise, idk why they're trying to sell it like it's some scandal instead of criminal

  • Neko harucosplay

    Neko harucosplay

     a years ago +2337

    Why is everyone freaking out over the teacher student romance this has happened before in many other films and tv shows

  • TheStepmonkey


     a years ago +106

    WTF this movie was directed, written and starred by Quinn Shephard (Who's only 22 years old) and it got 80% of approval in Rotten Tomatoes! Amazing :O

  • Hannah Blagg

    Hannah Blagg

     a years ago +1354

    made respect for who-ever wrote this movie. the only reason why people hate this story line because they dont want to know that this actually happens in the world!

  • natalia rodriguez

    natalia rodriguez

     a years ago +107

    It’s really sad that this trailer doesn’t portraits the movie correctly. It is actually a great movie that doesn’t have to do anything with pedophilia and it has a really sad ending. The teacher never did anything wrong and in fact he stopped anything from happening.

  • alphachino


     a years ago +791

    This was filmed in my school lol

  • Jordan Bean

    Jordan Bean

     a years ago +1976

    I don't feel like arguing with people over this movie.

  • Deanna Schwartz

    Deanna Schwartz

     a years ago +366

    I saw it at the festival and the movie takes an unexpected journey you don't see coming. The trailer doesn't do it justice. I liked it. It amazed me that the main actress, not only stared in this movie but also wrote and produced it.

  • Mood Forever

    Mood Forever

     a years ago +1297

    She’s probably a 18 year old senior ... just a guess

  • dudette


     a years ago +1691

    so this is why mindy dumped danny.

  • Alex Whitham

    Alex Whitham

     a years ago +580

    This looks good but really intense

  • Gibby Gibson

    Gibby Gibson

     10 months ago +44

    People are complaining about how the teacher looks. As if, if the teacher were good looking, it’s then okay.
    I actually like the way he looks, because it makes it more realistic. This is stuff that actually happens, and let’s not forget she fell for his personality, and she was mentally sick anyway.
    This isn’t meant to make people think going after a teacher is okay, it is SUPPOSED to make you feel uneasy.
    This trailer doesn’t portray the film very well, but it is one of my favourite movies of all time because it is so different from anything I’ve ever watched. It feels real. It’s not cliche. Definitely worth watching.

  • Rosie Kang

    Rosie Kang

     a years ago +765

    I don't know why people don't realise that this is something real that happens and a film portraying it doesn't mean that it's telling everyone to go and do what is happening in the movie. Also there are so many other movies and TV shows with teacherXstudent relationships. Have u ever seen Pretty Little Liars people? Have you never watched Lifetime or LMN movies? Yeah, okay it's paedophilia and no one said that paedophilia is okay but this is a movie based on a real life situation and i don't see what is the difference between this movie and the countless other movies, tv shows and even books that are centered around teacherxstudent relationships. And the sad thing is, if the teacher in the movie or show is 'hot' by societal standards then paedophilia is forgotten simply because the teacher is attractive but if he isn't, and he looks like a teacher in the real world where a student in the real world may still have a relationship with in the real world because believe me when students and teachers hook up the teacher isn't necessarily the hot teacher u see on the tv shows so you people need to wake up and stop being hypocrites. It's a MOVIE. It is based on the real world. It is interesting because it gives you an insight into social issues like bullying, student-teacher relationships, high school life, mental illnesses and it is in no way telling any of us, "Hey audience, go and suck your teacher's cock."

  • Ariadne Benavides

    Ariadne Benavides

     a years ago +494

    since when a ''punk'' is the mean girl in hs? LMAO