Seager leads Dodgers to win with 4-RBI game | Rays-Dodgers Game Highlights 9/17/19

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 18, 2019
  • Condensed Game: Corey Seager's second two-run double of the game sparked a five-run 7th inning for the Dodgers and led them to a 7-5 win

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  • terry tyler

    terry tyler

     28 days ago

    the dodgers will get drummed out early

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

     28 days ago

    Hereborn Inverson Tex jawbujo. Sorugu proime Deugoxapozoh MTEDEI DF-R

  • Mike Crawford

    Mike Crawford

     28 days ago

    I dont like to argue and I won't but its more than baseball its gambling the ump moves the strike zone the game is over

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

     28 days ago

    Dodgers need to find the BMT for the post season and fall at the final hurdle again

  • Datnigacyf


     28 days ago

    the most boring sport on earth and it's not even close...

  • Amanda Rose

    Amanda Rose

     28 days ago

    I’m shocked this is trending, I-

  • Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman

     a months ago

    #47 on trending

  • David Anthony

    David Anthony

     a months ago

    La dodgers FK off already spastic team

  • Strider Ocnarf

    Strider Ocnarf

     a months ago +1

    It must be really nice for the Rays to play in front of more than a couple hundred people

  • TheBatugan77


     a months ago

    If the LAA of Anaheim lose, the Yankees clinch! If the LAD win, the Yankees clinch! Ain't it cool?

  • Tiffany Smith

    Tiffany Smith

     a months ago +1

    I should had made a bet. I would have won. I told a sergeant that this was going to be a close game. I worked the game yesterday. Wow. Unbelievable how correct I was.

  • David Benitez

    David Benitez

     a months ago

    LA Dodgers Wins

  • Velocity Bluedoes2

    Velocity Bluedoes2

     a months ago +1

    I’ve never rooted for the dodgers but here I am, rooting for them now, please beat the rays tomorrow and the Indians will have the 2nd wild card spot

  • Jose Luis Cervantes Lee

    Jose Luis Cervantes Lee

     a months ago +1

    Si Dodger logra ganar 2/3 juegos seguidos sin homeruns seran campeones... Roberts aprender a mover sus pitchers

  • Eric Lee

    Eric Lee

     a months ago

    Why don’t the Dodgers allow Lux to play at all VS left handers? Is it just to get the vets in the lineup ? Or are they giving him the Joc treatment already even though he hasn’t done that bad VS lefthanders this year in the minors? That’s pretty much the worst approach possible when it comes to developing a left handed hitter. How is he supposed to develop without opportunities? And what better time to help him develop than now? Prioritizing a vet that might not even be here next year over a stud prospect that could be here 18 years from now.... Trump voice: So Sad

  • marcelino duelas

    marcelino duelas

     a months ago

    Go Dodger blue!!!! Since 1980

  • Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman

     a months ago

    #38 on trending

  • Michael Carrillo

    Michael Carrillo

     a months ago +1

    The Dodgers bullpen is killing me.

  • Jose Casas

    Jose Casas

     a months ago +1


  • William Miller

    William Miller

     a months ago

    I thought the Tampa manager was supposed to be a whiz or something :-)
    He didn't look like it last night, he made 2 or 3 critical mistakes in the 7th inning, leaving this kid Fairbanks in there (who came in with a 6.59 ERA) to face those lefty Dodger hitters. Even the announcer said he should have walked them, with 1st base open.
    I guess the game didn't mean that much to him, the way he acted. Even he (Fairbanks) looked around several times like he thought he might be pulled ( and 5 runs later, he finally did-the Dodgers were crushing the ball on him :-)

    I don't think they will make the playoffs and, if they do, probably won't go far.