Operator - Episode 1 of 2 - sci-fi horror stop-motion web series directed by Sam Barnett

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  • Epsiode 2: https://www.thvideos.net/video/qe7RH4LFewE/video.html

    Stop motion Web Series about an evil corporation that unleashed a plague of bio-mechanical parasites on it's workers.

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    Operator is a stop motion animated web series about a corporation that unleashes a plague of bio-mechanical parasites to enslave its workers. In this episodes Bob fighting for his life and family against forces much greater than himself.... read more and website below the fold.

    I was inspired to make this film by a few things, cordyceps mushrooms which infect and control the minds of ants, causing them to climb up as high as possible so that when the mushroom finally bursts from the ants head the spores are spread as far as possible by the wind. Secondly, "parasitic ideas" - such as ideologies designed by cults or oppressive regimes explicitly to weaken and control the holders of such beliefs, and the callous mechanization of corporate bureaucracy. sprawling bureaucracies in super massive organizations can have so many moving parts and conflicting interests that no human maintains real control.

    Directed By Sam Barnett
    Voice By Alejandra Bursik-Cervantes

    Sam Barnett is a Los Angeles based writer, director and animator.

    Official Selection:
    Screamfest 2013
    Horrible Imaginings 2013
  • Source: https://youtu.be/xavcTEwk3VQ