Strange answers to the psychopath test | Jon Ronson

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 15, 2012
  • Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? With a hair-raising delivery, Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test, illuminates the gray areas between the two. (With live-mixed sound by Julian Treasure and animation by Evan Grant.)

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  • Cristian Bureriu

    Cristian Bureriu

     3 hours ago

    sounds/animation didn't really work for me

  • cherophilia


     5 hours ago

    Why does he remind me of that cabby driver from the first episode of Sherlock?

  • How Did you know

    How Did you know

     5 hours ago

    psychologists[journalists and predominantly white elites in Ted.talks audiences/edit] in a safe place, where people aren't worried about their safety enough to accrete in large unarmed gatherings. If you want to learn about psychopaths... you look for them in the web laid in the quiet street when you are off your step and you are slightly injured and out of shape, or in a forensic-psychiatric prison, just look for the door that says, "Dr. Metlitsa" and there you'll find the lair of psychopaths.
    The only way to meet them is in the wild. Do you see? Oh yes, the only place to meet them. It is one thing to see a tiger in a cage - or have his existence related. It is another thing to see the tiger seeing you as flesh to eat.

  • kanook


     9 hours ago

    Tony is the imaginary friend of Danny from The Shining. The Overlook hotel (shirt he’s wearing) is the name of the hotel in the movie. For those who haven’t seen it... spoiler

    The protagonist loses his mind and tries to hack his family to pieces with an axe.

  • Joleine28


     10 hours ago

    Interesting story, but the background sounds/music are super distracting

  • jerry cornelius

    jerry cornelius

     10 hours ago

    Jimmy Saville had his own flat at Broadmoor! unfortunately as a staff member.

  • CoffeeLover


     10 hours ago

    I love his voice

  • Assimonem


     10 hours ago

    The book is good. The Psychopath Test. The more mental illness we have the more drugs the Pharma sell. Weirdly, in spite of all the SSRI's (etc) we take, mental illness is rising.

  • Tervamursu


     10 hours ago

    So he is trying to discredit psychopath tests so that he wouldn't be caught. Probably a psychopath.

  • TodaVtecKiller


     12 hours ago


  • 2003mcassidy


     12 hours ago


  • Morgan Adams

    Morgan Adams

     14 hours ago

    Well this was.... amazing

  • d papa

    d papa

     15 hours ago

    Tony sounds perfectly sane to me (but you never know for sure what's inside their heart), Jon Ronson has a great presentation style, and a cracking sense of humor. Will keep an eye out for his book

  • poetmaggie1


     18 hours ago

    Bars are great places to get into trouble.

  • Unstoppable Goddess

    Unstoppable Goddess

     20 hours ago

    Psychiatry is bs

  • Greasewood Annie

    Greasewood Annie

     23 hours ago

    I wouldn't have gone either. Alcohol brings out the psycho in anyone

  • Saniya Mahboob Doni

    Saniya Mahboob Doni


    is it just me or did anyone else feel that there should have been more clarity at the end? I'm so confused about him and Tony :0

  • Kira Mcclure

    Kira Mcclure


    Anyone know the test he's referring to?

  • Jordan Greenhut

    Jordan Greenhut

     yesterday +1

    People change too, I was a pathological liar growing up. I quickly realized that lying was more destructive than constructive, so I don’t lie anymore.

  • Sabrina Genesis

    Sabrina Genesis


    In the DSM-5, this disorder is labeled as antisocial personality disorder. Sociopathy and Psychopathy fall under this disorder, and having this disorder does not automatically mean the person is predisposed to violence. Tony wasn't a semi psychopath, he was a sociopath. Psychopaths lack empathy entirely, develop almost no personal bond with another person, and are very good at calculating their actions. They are also thought to he born with the disorder. Sociopaths are thought to be products of their environments and can develop some bonds with a few people, feel little to no empathy for those they don't care about, and are a little more impulsive (this is why Tony went to jail twice for fighting). Most people with antisocial personality disorder go on to live normal lives, and many become businessmen because that kind of ruthlessness and self seeking behavior is perfect for the job. Welcome to my Ted talk.