Is it Possible to Beat Super Mario 64 DS Without Mario?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 20, 2019
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    Adeal’s TASes:
    Alternate JRB 2nd Keydoor Skip with Yoshi:
    Yoshi in Chief Chilly Challenge:
    JRB Keydoor Skip as Yoshi:
    Basement Skip:
    First Bowser Battle as Yoshi Clip:

    Super Mario 64 Title Screen Remix:
    Music provided by Free Vibes:
    Dream Away by Day 7:
    Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0)
    Bowser in the Dark World Remastered:
    Dire Dire Docks Remix:
    Cool Cool Mountain Remix:
    Hazy Maze Cave Remix:
    Inside the Castle Walls Remix:
    TetrisRedo by Technomancer00

    Channel Avatars by Charriii5:
    #SuperMario64DS #SuperMario64 #IsItPossible
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  • dablue dragoon

    dablue dragoon

     8 minutes ago

    Listen the REAL MVP was Adeal if it wasnt for him run wouldve ended

  • RetroBros77 #LuigiForLife

    RetroBros77 #LuigiForLife

     2 hours ago

    History was made for this run.

  • Moti Tanny

    Moti Tanny

     6 hours ago

    I want 3d

  • deadlylizard 559

    deadlylizard 559

     7 hours ago +1

    Mario thicc

  • Fernando


     10 hours ago

    “Every Star was doable...”
    - Me: Yeah!
    ...”except for...”
    - Me: Oh...

  • Salted Neos

    Salted Neos

     11 hours ago

    Even Wario can just barely make Mario's Super Walk Kick. Also, Wario CAN make the jump to the top floor in BBH using a Triple Jump. If you end up doing the final jump of the triple jump on the line of one of the floor boards he can ledge grab.

  • [ ShadowTheHedgehog

    [ ShadowTheHedgehog

     11 hours ago

    Next video: is it possible to beat super mario 64 ds WITHOUT A DS ?

  • Theother1leftout MA

    Theother1leftout MA

     13 hours ago

    I had to feel my way around for bowsers opening

  • Theother1leftout MA

    Theother1leftout MA

     13 hours ago

    Do I hear a qumu inside the castle wall remix at 13:45?

  • Mark Montreuil

    Mark Montreuil

     15 hours ago

    Siri go to weigh

  • Lilium


     22 hours ago

    This was awesome! So cool that this lead to an undiscovered route

  • LennyBlanko


     23 hours ago

    wow marioless

  • Team 974

    Team 974


    Adeal the real mvp

  • Ursine Maximus

    Ursine Maximus


    "Yoshi can't eat or groundpound boos, which to this day still doesn't make any sense"...


    Yoshi can't eat or crush a ghost... sooo utterly baffling.. doesn't make any sense why a dinosaur can't touch a GHOST... just so confusing.....

  • Skeli Butt

    Skeli Butt


    Can you eat cheese without tasting cheese?

  • TopiasKoponen



    This is the most glitchy game ive EVER seen

  • Barb Mcelderry

    Barb Mcelderry

     2 days ago

    Luigi: I defeated Bowser

    Mario:"bang bang bang"

    Wario and Yoshi: leaves

    Toads: leaves

    Princess peach: runs away

    Daisy: runs away

    Luigi: WHAT THE F**CK

    Mario: give me all the credit b**h

    Luigi: no.

    🤔 Did not know what I did.
    Did I make a meme?
    I don't know.

  • The Skull Of Fire

    The Skull Of Fire

     2 days ago +1

    This video is so amazing what the heck

  • Misery


     2 days ago

    this game was my childhood....

  • Joshua Remosen

    Joshua Remosen

     2 days ago

    Didnt you guys see Mario on 18:05?! He appeared out of nowhere!