Geography Now! MYANMAR

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • This episode is not just "Myanmar" it's "Our-anmar" Enjoy
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  • Geography Now

    Geography Now

     a years ago +688

    Buddhism, rubies, a weird measuring system and alien bubbles. Get ready for #MYANMAR! Thanks to all the Burmese/ Myanma geograpeeps that helped with this video. ALSO thanks to Kaleb, Jilian, Noah, Keith and Ken (Follow them!)
    And FINALLY THANKS to you guys that submitted for #Geograbee2019! Still taking submissions until the end of January!

  • M Arbi

    M Arbi

     18 minutes ago

    From pakistan show

  • Julius Payne

    Julius Payne

     7 hours ago

    They must hellish amount of karens

  • Anna Morana

    Anna Morana

     18 hours ago

    3:38 It is ShweDaGon Pagoda. haha, Cute.

  • kimi nui

    kimi nui

     22 hours ago

    thanaka is actually prounounced thunaka

  • Chee Howジンです

    Chee Howジンです


    What happened to the brightness here

  • Zam Khat Kham

    Zam Khat Kham

     2 days ago

    Great documentary except for the wrong pronunciations for almost everything!

  • อากาศ แจ่มใส

    อากาศ แจ่มใส

     2 days ago

    Thai people called Myanmar "Pahmar"

  • ola jong

    ola jong

     2 days ago

    10:11 lol this is AMURICAR

  • George Mouanetry

    George Mouanetry

     3 days ago

    Nice video 👍

  • macklin


     3 days ago

    the karen

  • K. Yaolai Chai Naga

    K. Yaolai Chai Naga

     3 days ago

    Myanmar is such a diverse country and we the Naga ethnic are native of northwestern Myanmar bordering india🇲🇲🇮🇳

  • Thida Loeffler

    Thida Loeffler

     3 days ago

    I am from Karen State in Myanmar. By the way, I am not Burmese nor speak Burmese.

  • Have you notice that my sentence isnt that long

    Have you notice that my sentence isnt that long

     4 days ago

    Just a Filipino guy watches all southeast asia brotherhood. Mabuhay Asean <3

  • Reh King

    Reh King

     4 days ago +1

    Is kayah btw😂 kaya

  • auh noo

    auh noo

     6 days ago

    Nice shirt

  • Mr Thind

    Mr Thind

     6 days ago

    one common thing in mayanmar and Israel ????

  • Ye Min Hein

    Ye Min Hein

     6 days ago

    2:58 f**k guy of Myanmar

  • Esme Marion

    Esme Marion

     6 days ago

    aLiEn BuBbLeS

  • Jackson Chan

    Jackson Chan

     7 days ago

    as a Burmese myself, you all pronounce all wrong dang you guys smh