Forensics Expert Examines 25 Crime Scene Investigations From Film & TV | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • Crime scene analyst and investigator Matthew Steiner examines more forensics investigations from movies and television. Are bodies found in freezers like the "Layla" scene from Goodfellas? Is the autopsy scene from Silence of the Lambs true to life? How much does NCIS actually get right?

    FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner footage courtesy of FARO Technologies, Inc.

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    Forensics Expert Examines 25 More Crime Scene Investigations From Film & TV | WIRED
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  • 913dodger


     2 hours ago

    All these scenes are real, it explains the OJ simpson case

  • natural91LC


     21 hours ago

    UNSUB is a technical term ! It’s been used for decades by law enforcement and the FBI BAU, it was coined by Special Agent Douglas.
    Criminal minds is rather accurate in the analysis they do especially the profiling part. One of the authors is Jim Clemente, a firmer FBI profiler, he knows his stuff.

  • Miss Riley

    Miss Riley

     2 days ago

    After working in forensic bioremediation, I can't shut up about the discrepancies I notice and just watch the dang movie, and nobody wants to watch movies with me lol.

  • john tan

    john tan

     2 days ago

    Fingerprints are still not a good way to tell if its the actual perpetrator or not since it really is subjected to human error significantly

  • david liu

    david liu

     3 days ago

    Fruit of the poisons tree is an American concept in canada if the evidence is illegally obtained but does not bring the court into disrepute the evidence is allowed. Btw the threshold is very high

  • mikebarnacle


     3 days ago

    More of this guy please. He's really captivating

  • Gabi Garzon

    Gabi Garzon

     4 days ago

    Omfg my forensics teacher should do this🤣 he was a forensic ballistics analyst before he became a teacher. He’d go apeshitt if someone asked him to find every flaw in CSI

  • jrvane11


     4 days ago

    The Training Day scene was about bad cops killing a drug dealer, taking the money and recreating the crime scene. The offered analysis in regards to integrity and inventorying the money is irrelevant.
    Not sure why you are analyzing crime scenes in comedies. What's the point, it's supposed to be funny and farfetched. I think you could've done the whole video using just the CSI series.

  • Angus Davies

    Angus Davies

     4 days ago

    Another thing he didn't mention about silencers, they really aren't that silent. If you use one in a suburban area the entire street will know. Maybe they wont exactly know what it was they heard but they will definitely hear something.

  • Daniel Robillard

    Daniel Robillard

     4 days ago

    In the first movie he talked about, when i saw the white thing under the woman nose i thought she was doing drugs lol but when i saw the others i told myself they can't be all doing drugs lol. (don't know if it leaves white under the nose when you take drugs)

  • Itchy Hope.

    Itchy Hope.

     4 days ago

    No country for old men. Matt, you don't get the narrative of the movie, their old school and have vintage tracking skills. That's one of the points of Tommy Lee's character. I've seen an Australian Aborigine track a feral house cat through the outback the same way. Try doing that with gloves on.

  • Paddypool FC

    Paddypool FC

     4 days ago

    I reckon this guy wouldn't get my jokes.

  • Ston Feren

    Ston Feren

     4 days ago

    They should do one of these with the investigation scenes in Cartmans incredible gift

  • Jason Ward

    Jason Ward

     4 days ago

    But in Pet Detective it is the neighbor next door that heard the should of looked to see if they had a balcony door or window open to hear the scream the neighbor wasnt in the victims apartment.

  • Nick Sickmore

    Nick Sickmore

     4 days ago +1

    Fact: footwear impressions @ a crime scene are as damning as a finger print, & could get one caught up just as easily.

  • Mechknight73


     5 days ago

    It's well know that both Hollywood and the small screen take some liberties with the truth because "reality might be too boring for the average person." I'm no expert in forensics, but I tend to disagree. Forensic science is even more interesting than Hollywood makes it out to be. Smells are my real kryptonite, but gore and decomposition doesn't make me go green. Something as simple as the insects in the decomposition process is a wealth of information alone

  • King David Sama

    King David Sama

     5 days ago

    6:24 you laugh you loose.

  • Rentless f

    Rentless f

     5 days ago

    Unfortunately this guys wrong about alot of things.1st being that they often dont have that much time to collect evidence. They may be too busy or not have enough money for all this process. Alot of cases are resolved conclusively without all the process he claims are necessary. And many of those process are new to begin with and not available in places without top of the line budgets and tech.

  • Vinostra


     6 days ago

    i’m sad they didn’t do dexter ☹️

  • Randy Monger

    Randy Monger

     6 days ago

    So the licking the bone thing actually adds up if you're on a dig and you cant tell if something is a rock or a bone fragment you can stick it to your tongue and because of the porous nature of bones it will actually stick to your tongue whereas a rock wont