CLONE your FRUIT TREES with these 3 common household items

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 25, 2018
  • Watch as I go step by step cloning a blood orange tree with common items in your fridge and cupboard.
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  • ILGuy2012


     23 hours ago

    I found it ironic you would take the time to sterilize the scissors, but then let the cuttings drop to the ground that is full of bacteria. Sorry, I couldn't finish watching your video.

  • Honey BBQ Sauce

    Honey BBQ Sauce


    Is he purposely dragging on?




    Waste of tome and no result.

  • lorahubbel


     2 days ago

    this does NOT work

  • Bill Thomson

    Bill Thomson

     2 days ago

    As another viewer pointed out, use a tripod or learn to hold the camera steady. The jerky movements made this one very diffcult to watch.

  • choim dachoim

    choim dachoim

     2 days ago

    There is such a thing as a Too Phlegmatic Presentation. If you wanted to just pass on the information with a demonstration, 60 seconds would have done it. I appreciate what I learned but I will never watch anything by you again.

  • Skeeter Saurus

    Skeeter Saurus

     4 days ago

    While I've never cloned a Blood Orange tree, I have done quite a few Pecan and Walnut trees, and you make this SO MUCH HARDER than it has to be (unless I am missing something unique to Blood Orange Trees). Simply take a 1-qt paint can (you can get new ones at Home Depot for $2 each, that have never had anything in them)...lay hardware cloth over the top opening (rabbit hutch wire), mix up some mild 'simple syrup' (sugar water) and fill can to top, then put your 'cuttings' through the hardware wire holes into the sugar water! That's it...they sprout root systems LIKE CRAZY! (if you place outside, you'll get lots of bees and wasps too...due to the sugar be careful). If you take a top-end clipping, you may or may not need to 'wax' over the trunk location where the cutting was taken, depending on pest-load, cutting size, etc.

  • theinkbrain


     5 days ago

    Too slow, too much meandering talk.

  • Gen Sherman

    Gen Sherman

     6 days ago +1

    5 shakes of cinnamon. Not 4, not 6. Lol. Damn idiot.

  • Jordan Bronson

    Jordan Bronson

     6 days ago

    I totally understand most people here. He never gave us an update or even finished the video to show the result! Some people are like try.... How the hell you are going to try something if you DO NOT show results? It's like saying.... I went to MARS and back while NASA and ELON MUSK trying to get there! LMFAO

  • Calen Tanner Lightheart

    Calen Tanner Lightheart

     7 days ago

    so, where are you going to get the root stock to graft your clones onto?

  • Terry Chestnut

    Terry Chestnut

     7 days ago

    Amazing how NEGATIVE people are. If you want to see results, give it a try. I saw this for the first time 01/19/2020 and plan to give it a go. The Idea is Brilliant, just all the negative comments suck. Must be a lot of homosexuals looking at the video. Yep a negative, but not towards the Narrator and I do agree doing the same thing five times over was a bit tedious. I just LOathe uncalled for bashing an individual for trying to do something beneficial.

  • Robert Crooks

    Robert Crooks

     7 days ago +1

    Hey Mate great vid, however, employ your kiddies to be camera people lol

  • Wayne Cox

    Wayne Cox

     7 days ago


  • owayne coote

    owayne coote

     7 days ago

    Will this actually grow roots and catch?

  • Sassan Ghajar

    Sassan Ghajar

     7 days ago

    Some people are sick like him,

  • Sassan Ghajar

    Sassan Ghajar

     7 days ago

    Get on with the job , talking nonsense .

  • Wise Woman

    Wise Woman

     7 days ago

    Suckers on any tree need to be cut off, anyway, as they take away the strength from the tree.

  • alan thuys

    alan thuys

     7 days ago +1

    never before has so little taken so long must have forgotten to take his meds

  • Never Feed the Roaches

    Never Feed the Roaches

     7 days ago

    I must be extreme, I eat all my potatoes!