Film Theory: Disney LIED to You! (High School Musical)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 30, 2017
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    Disney's High School Musical seemed pretty straight forward. Most people assume that the mean rich girl Sharpay is the villain. But what if I told you that isn’t the case? Could there be someone else better suited for that title? Someone more spoiled, undeserving, and ungrateful? Scramble to your seats theorists! Class is now in session!


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    Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF!

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  • Fred Delaney

    Fred Delaney

     10 hours ago +2

    "Don't you pata bouree in MY direction!"
    -Matthew Patrick

  • loona


     22 hours ago

    disney and nick shows love pushing the most annoying character as the lead

  • Regis McDuffie

    Regis McDuffie

     yesterday +1

    Don't forget to use some weights to work on those twigs that you call arm's

  • Ezeckiel LOL -_-

    Ezeckiel LOL -_-

     yesterday +1

    I liked sharpay back then but never admitted it because she was the villain of the story as a child I always thought villains should be hated...

  • Josephine kromer

    Josephine kromer

     2 days ago

    Yes! This! All of this!!!

  • Quean Katt

    Quean Katt

     2 days ago

    Stage crew Gang 🤩

  • Patricia Ramirez

    Patricia Ramirez

     2 days ago

    I will say that on the 3rd movie when troy didn’t show up for the play and informed only his understudy that he wasn’t going to attend sharpay got completely humiliated in front of the whole school, her parents and the juilliard people and nobody even cared not even ryan, and it wasn’t even like sharpay was the cause of why gabriella couldn’t perform it just happened to be that she was the understudy like come on sharpay got totally humiliated in all 3 of the movies

  • Tausif 360

    Tausif 360

     3 days ago

    Wait a minute! Maryl Streep was in High School Musical?!

  • Baby peach From mario

    Baby peach From mario

     3 days ago

    I love high school musical sharpay is my favorite out of all the characters and yeah this is actually good because she’s not really really spoiled

  • gamer girl game

    gamer girl game

     3 days ago

    Yay mat is like me but really older but likes drama like me

  • Jose Rivera

    Jose Rivera

     3 days ago +1

    The Theater teacher and Troy’s dad were the Antagonists not Troy lol. If u wanna know why reply

  • 1234567890 0987654321

    1234567890 0987654321

     3 days ago

    Sharpay is beaten down and SHES Called a villian.
    She looses main role to a stage fright girl.
    Ryan betrays her.
    She doesn't get into the college she wants
    Jeez. I feel bad for her.

  • Ruxberg Studios

    Ruxberg Studios

     4 days ago

    Sharpay has EVERY right to be mad that Troy and Gabriella got a callback WITHOUT EVEN AUDITIONING.

  • Alison Ballantyne

    Alison Ballantyne

     4 days ago

    You do have to take into account all the things that happened, Sharpay did have that “conversation” with the piano girl and was quite rude to her, she also accused Troy and Gabriella of messing with her and the musical(I’m not saying your wrong I’m saying there’s other things)

  • Y2J25 Fan

    Y2J25 Fan

     4 days ago

    3:05 😂😂

  • Gabby Dangelo

    Gabby Dangelo

     4 days ago

    Hi hello this was uploaded on my birthday!!!

  • Liambrownz


     5 days ago

    Protagonist centred morality/alternative character interpretation 😂

  • Я могу говорит по-русскм 17063

    Я могу говорит по-русскм 17063

     5 days ago

    Zac Efron is NOT hot.... but matpat is

  • Ashlyn Connors

    Ashlyn Connors

     5 days ago

    Troy doesn't DESERVE Sharpey

  • Katy is here

    Katy is here

     5 days ago

    Matpatt with the longer hair looks jlike Ethan from my babysitter is a vampire.