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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
  • Hunt elk in the thick of grizzly bear country with public land hunter Brandon Mason. Hunting elk DIY is challenging in its own right. When you're constantly checking your back track for a grizzly, the hunt reaches a whole other level! Mason finds himself in the middle of an early September rut fest and comes face to face with a six-point bull. It's a man vs. elk. vs grizzly on this episode of Beyond the Grid TV by Eastmans'!

    Watch a monster Montana bull eat dirt on this father-son public land hunt: https://www.thvideos.net/video/3I1Hp_JAZJA/video.html

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/wqoJ6r_VLxg


  • Matt Koljonen

    Matt Koljonen

     4 days ago +1

    Originally from the yoops and been out here living in the mountains the last 20 years chasen bulls. Got a laugh when you were talking about pasties.

  • The Forest Giant

    The Forest Giant

     7 days ago

    What kind of tent is that, and how do you like it?

  • Joseph Stollsteimer

    Joseph Stollsteimer

     7 days ago

    Nice Bull

  • Kokomo


     7 days ago

    Any way to level out the volume? Super quiet whispering and then the music blows out your tv and ears. Same when they were elk calling. Way loud and then you can’t hear them talk. Unpleasant to watch unless you have your finger on the volume button non stop. Other than that nice job.

  • D B

    D B

     7 days ago

    What the hell is that thing at 8:38? I can’t say I have ever seen one (that looked like that anyways) and I’ve hunted most of UT, ID, WY, NV, CO and MT.

  • D B

    D B

     7 days ago +1

    Speaking of the Rut...Like you say, mid Sept is a good guideline and for the most part and on a year over year basis holds true. However, I had Bulls bugling, thrashing like crazy and being super aggressive here in northern Utah on Sept 4th this year. First time I’ve seen it that aggressive that early that I can remember, but just get out and put some miles on your boots because you never know. Like you say, if nothing else it’s a great scouting and patterning opportunity. I had a guy ask me at the gas station on the way up why we were headed up so early and not waiting for the rut. Wish I would have seen him again with my bull in the back of my truck afterwards. Thanks for sharing...awesome! And FYI, we’re all behind you 100% on this ridiculous bunny humper liberal nonsense.

  • phillip hall

    phillip hall

     7 days ago

    Enjoyed the video but I do have one recommendation. It might be a good idea to whisper just a little quieter in the future, especially when the elk are on a mountain across from you. There is a pretty good chance that they can hear you form a mile away. So please, a little quieter!!

  • shane brown

    shane brown

     7 days ago +1

    Around Gardiner Montana and surrounding areas grizzlies will come to gun shots because they know it’s a easy meal.

  • Jason Zee

    Jason Zee

     7 days ago

    Dont listen to a fed. SSS eer and of grizz!

  • 555Trout


     14 days ago +1

    The Grizzly population and range is a damn problem and it infuriates me that the Eco Clowns accept human death and injury as reasonable. My wrath has no bounds for them. Having had three encounters with the damn things; can attest that it's not a fkng joke. We're talking about an incredibly powerful predator! They can't be bear human populations, period.

  • Dean Kuvelis

    Dean Kuvelis

     14 days ago

    Great content. I understand you need to monetize the effort, but how about ads without the annoying chirping sound?

  • Josh Beckett

    Josh Beckett

     14 days ago +1

    If you want some good pasties, go to Butte Montana

  • Chad Lindstrom

    Chad Lindstrom

     14 days ago +2

    Awesome hunt men! PASTIES!!!! UP style in Wyoming, LOVE IT!!

  • Mark Garcia

    Mark Garcia

     14 days ago +1

    Archery hunt turned into rifle hunt.... hmmm lol idk I feel if you go into the woods with an initiative to get a kill with a bow you should follow through with it. That is unless you have a spare female tag for meat then the rifle comes out lol. Congrats on the harvest and will be following for more content 👍🏽

  • Hobbit Homes

    Hobbit Homes

     14 days ago

    TOld another channel...when you are calling you are calling a frontal shot. If you have to hit with a bow you need a LOT of separation between caller and shooter.. A bull is using his EYES to CONFRM information received by his ears.. You guys have no clue.MAd emy living..a NICE living hinting elk..Stopo reading the magazines and worrying about "footage"

    Lol..city boys..."Three-shots- One kill"

  • Hobbit Homes

    Hobbit Homes

     14 days ago

    Welcome to reality pussy-boy. Your ggreat grandpa had the sack to live and thrive in grizz country...You? You start your video with whining. If you don't have the balls to hunt my country...stay home...My 5'2" grandma filled her elk tag eveyr year of her adult life with a Savage Lever 243..no camo...no bottles of scent...grow sack or stay home

  • Brandy Jackson

    Brandy Jackson

     14 days ago +2

    It’s so nice to finally see hunters speaking out about our battle with these evil politicians and judges if we don’t they will have their way and the predators will reduce game animals to the point where we will no longer be able to hunt them, this is the agenda

  • Jesse James

    Jesse James

     14 days ago +3

    Nice job, I think 1st shot was good.

  • Dave Hagen

    Dave Hagen

     14 days ago +1

    Gosh, so sorry you were burdened with the presence of wild animals in a wild environment. FYI, there are many high fence opportunities available in which you can be protected.

  • Shane Biggers

    Shane Biggers

     14 days ago +1

    Man vs elk vs grizzly??? Really? I must have missed something here.