Game Theory: How DEADLY Is Mario's Blue Shell? (Mario Kart 8)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 13, 2018
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    Mario's bad guys are some of the most iconic in gaming - and I've covered MANY. From how deadly is Bob-Omb and Bullet Bill to whether or not Luigi is Mario's GREATEST enemy. Today, we are revisiting the most DANGEROUS game in the Mario franchise - Mario Kart. There is nothing scarier than being in 1st place and knowing that the Blue Shell is coming for you. How much damage would that REALLY do? Join me today as we find out!

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  • Kürşad Öneç

    Kürşad Öneç

     an hour ago

    The other mario kart video opening will be better

  • Avatar Raptor

    Avatar Raptor


    10:47 thats creepy

  • Grayson Stenger

    Grayson Stenger

     2 days ago

    If you think about it, the box in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe can get rid of the shell. That means that the boxes' force would be greater or the same amount to get rid of the blue shell thus, we have a new king. :)

  • BART


     2 days ago

    4:37 last Mariokart video you said it was a b-charger not a b-dasher

  • owen calder

    owen calder

     4 days ago

    How the hell did Matt get so frickin smart?

  • Tanner McCoy

    Tanner McCoy

     5 days ago

    Do how deadly is super smash bros

  • Geeky Craft

    Geeky Craft

     5 days ago

    Having driving lesons and came to watch this episode to help me

  • J Morris

    J Morris

     5 days ago


  • Cole Ring

    Cole Ring

     5 days ago

    It won't kill u if ya happen to get mushroom and use it at the very first frame of it diving

  • Soren54241


     6 days ago

    It's written as P because the m is already taken for mass, and M is used for mass of REALLY BIG stuff, like the Earth, or the Sun, or the moon when launching stuff to it.

  • AwesomePuppy404


     6 days ago

    if thats how powerful the blue shell is, how powerful does a super horn have to be to stop one

  • Berry The Funtime Animotronic

    Berry The Funtime Animotronic

     7 days ago

    How I feel when playing Mario Cart Wii

  • James Porter

    James Porter

     7 days ago

    Hey mat pat, so if this thing is basically a missile, but the super horn has enough force to stop it, how deadly is the super horn?

  • Nicole Myrick MotherFunny

    Nicole Myrick MotherFunny

     7 days ago

    You watch bobs burgers

  • Joe Abner

    Joe Abner

     7 days ago

    Then how loud is that boom box thing if it blocks the blue shell simply through the power of sound?

  • WantedApple14


     7 days ago

    So the opposite of natural selection

  • XtrEAme GamR

    XtrEAme GamR

     7 days ago

    Me : about to win
    Blue shell : im about to end this whole guys career

  • Slugbugs


     7 days ago +1

    Why is YouTube making resub to YouTubers

  • SDW


     7 days ago

    OMG MatPat is from the same state as me!

  • Tana Campbell

    Tana Campbell

     7 days ago

    You know matpat, I wondered what’s the heaviest combination in Mario kart eight deluxe and I want to how powerful the Blue shell would be in Mario kart 9 if it comes out.