Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
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    Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!

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  • Jesus Vazquez Robles

    Jesus Vazquez Robles

     26 minutes ago

    Into madness matpat u can’t forget

  • gary eldridge

    gary eldridge

     30 minutes ago

    Im subscribed to both chanels

  • julio salgado

    julio salgado

     32 minutes ago

    read the contents on the side of the box on 13:38

  • Burger Tree

    Burger Tree

     50 minutes ago +1

    3:55 end of shameless merch

  • PixilatedGun 206

    PixilatedGun 206

     an hour ago

    I would get bullied for wearing merch

  • AUD


     2 hours ago

    thank goodness gracious that this is the final one!

  • Ja Sa

    Ja Sa

     2 hours ago +1

    Too many Aftons... who is who???!!! IM SO CONFUSED

  • Wyatt Trap

    Wyatt Trap

     2 hours ago

    Hold up, how can the security puppet be possed if the puppet is the possed one. How can the puppet be the security puppet

  • Karina Halme

    Karina Halme

     3 hours ago

    Bro I got scared by the fan at the beginning

  • Pamela Stinnett

    Pamela Stinnett

     6 hours ago

    Game theory make your logo decals

  • Cassidy Dodge

    Cassidy Dodge

     7 hours ago

    You should do baldis basics

  • Kjx 345

    Kjx 345

     7 hours ago +1

    Scott...if you make one more game....

  • enderlord15 reviews

    enderlord15 reviews

     9 hours ago

    in the fredbear parts and service room did anybody else notice in the fredbear suit is that hair or wiring?

  • That guy that does Stuff

    That guy that does Stuff

     11 hours ago +1

    William Aftons daughters name is Elizabeth because In fnaf 6 Henry says right before the lore ending sorry Elizabeth if you still remember that name so baby’s real name is Elizabeth

  • TheTigerZoey


     12 hours ago +1

    First question: *"How did William Afton turn purple?"*

  • Random person No danger

    Random person No danger

     13 hours ago

    This is sad

  • Lil Toaster

    Lil Toaster

     14 hours ago

    It’s all over goodbye fnaf I’ve been here since the first day I may cry at the end of this. I shall now retell you my favorite fnaf pat memes. “Beat the dead horse animatronics” “EXOTIC BUTTER” and now I’ll shall cry in a corner with some exotic butters. Like this if you’ve seen every fnaf theory and has been here since the beginning

  • Geliton Man

    Geliton Man

     15 hours ago

    who else got scared by the fan a little....cuz it's *shudders* the fan

  • Miss Terious

    Miss Terious

     15 hours ago +1

    All these souls being bound to the suits reminds me of Alfonso Elric from FMA...

  • ElectricSnivy


     17 hours ago

    Anyone else think MatPat was crying when he said those final words, and no not the “but hey, that’s just a game theory” part 😂