I Wrote My Own Love Story



  • Jazzy Anne

    Jazzy Anne

     a years ago +5736

    nothing against emma. y’all already know this “copying” ish has been going on for a LONG time. she’s amazing and hilarious and i literally wanna be her friend, but idk why some of u haven’t figured out yet that teenage girls in general are quite similar :)) that’s all. i’m done with this rant hehehhe

  • Mahdia K

    Mahdia K

     a years ago +2954

    I remember when you were an innocent young girl. AND NOW U CURSING GURLLLLLL 😂
    Edit: Jeez I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything. I was making a joke and people had to hate on me.

  • prettymuchgemini


     10 months ago +1582

    Nowadays everybody is """""*copying*""""" Emma
    Like no, no.
    She didn't invent life
    (Also Jazzy was here b4 Emma)

  • JL Productions

    JL Productions

     11 months ago +1069

    she quick
    she slick
    but most importantly
    she t h i c c

  • chinimin


     10 months ago +349

    50% talking about how people assume she is copying emma chamberlain
    49% says she is copying emma chamberlain
    1% saying they like the video

  • Unlimited shadowxx

    Unlimited shadowxx

     8 months ago +428

    Video starts at 0:00
    Thank me later

  • shook tea

    shook tea

     10 months ago +197

    PG has left the chat.

  • Dinø Dan :3

    Dinø Dan :3

     6 months ago +115

    One time I looked over my dads shoulder and he was playing choices 😂

  • AmberLynn Gaming

    AmberLynn Gaming

     11 months ago +202

    Jazzy:ALL U LITTLE sweethearts...

    Dat SAVVE!!

  • beepbeeprichie


     5 months ago +96

    OMFG my phones been on 93% for like 2 hours I AM BLESSED

  • Sadaf Abrar

    Sadaf Abrar

     11 months ago +1567

    And it was that moment jazzy’s content was 13+.

  • Tia Goddard

    Tia Goddard

     2 months ago +39

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly...
    Hi, it's Jazzy Anne and welcome bacc snaccs

  • i Am So FrEaKiNg QuIrKy & DiFfReNt OmG wIg

    i Am So FrEaKiNg QuIrKy & DiFfReNt OmG wIg

     11 months ago +154

    honestly i used to hate u in ssg but now u are hella funny uwu

  • Maria's Edits

    Maria's Edits

     8 months ago +56

    She is like a child of Joana Ceddia 😂😂 I mean dat editing tho Mother like child..🤣

  • AnD i oOp-

    AnD i oOp-

     9 months ago +66

    Im seeing all the comments like "omg emma didnt invent this kind if editing" or "guys sshe didnt copy emma" yet im not finding a single comment of "OMG SHE COPIED EMMA" or like, "bruh u completely copied emma smh". !?!?
    Ik obviously there were comments like that but im starting to think yall are copying one another and saying ppl need to stop assuming when reality u havent seen a single hate comment 😂😂

  • park chim chim is cute

    park chim chim is cute

     11 months ago +1048

    “jazzy breathes”
    people: omg stop copying emma!!
    me; smh

  • Ellie C Weaver

    Ellie C Weaver

     7 months ago +31

    whatching this video makes me think of her in seven super girls lol



     1 months ago +7

    I’m late to comment but you should’ve named the girl

  • Emilyyy


     5 months ago +18

    60% talking about her copying Emma Chamberlain
    38% actually saying she is copying
    1.999% saying they liked the video
    0.001% talking about the percentages of comments

  • gracie r

    gracie r

     5 months ago +16

    girl who knows her from seven super girls... THAT WAS THE THING!!!!