Woodturning a Bowl, Pinecones with Epoxy Resin

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 15, 2019
  • Full on resin work this week! I cast a bowl blank using resin and pine firewood…and a pinecone or two, and turn a really nice looking bowl with a little extra going on inside...

    The resin I used is Art’N Glow. Here’s a link if you’re interested: http://artnglow.refr.cc/rodhumphrey

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/wE_uSr1z2KY


  • Dan DeForest

    Dan DeForest

     11 months ago +306

    please be careful with the epoxy resin, most resin's become toxic after being mixed and remain that way for three days, until full cure.i'm a boat builder in northern michigan,and i have burnt my lungs by working it to soon.remain well so you can keep making these beautiful projects

  • Muhammad Waqas

    Muhammad Waqas

     13 hours ago

    Any one tell me basic ingerident

  • Mike Val

    Mike Val

     14 hours ago

    Makes me wonder if dried bug husks could be resined and turned. And semper fi, great way to wind up a video.

  • Sertan Kaçar

    Sertan Kaçar


    It looks so nice, I love it

  • Max Bagna

    Max Bagna

     3 days ago

    I just got a mini diy lath today

  • Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson

     3 days ago

    Damn beautiful

  • Black powder Productions

    Black powder Productions

     4 days ago

    Brother I’m a retired Finish carpenter and high end cabinet installation , you are an artist very nice .

  • Paul Blaha

    Paul Blaha

     4 days ago

    You have a very creative eye for this art work.. and the hands and talent of a master Craftsman..ty for sharing

  • Dr.magurian Doctor

    Dr.magurian Doctor

     7 days ago

    Wow .......first time here.....thank you.....

  • Banshee2Raptor


     7 days ago

    Outstanding, I really like the look!!! I just got into wood turning and I was wondering what type of epoxies / resins you use.? I tend to overthink these types of things..lol
    Thanks, and subscribed!!!

  • tahira rafiq

    tahira rafiq

     7 days ago

    Sir you are very talented, you make look so easy I love just watching you make the item, it's very relaxing 👌👌

  • Pam Fridell

    Pam Fridell

     7 days ago

    So that's how they do that! I had no idea. What a beautiful bowl!

  • A Friend Called 5

    A Friend Called 5

     7 days ago

    At first I wasn't digging the pinecones but that actually came out pretty cool. I'm a huge fan of winter too. The colder the better!!!!!

  • Daniel Parker

    Daniel Parker

     14 days ago

    Beautiful job 😍 love your videos.

  • charlie morris

    charlie morris

     14 days ago

    This is amazing!I am learning so much about how people make beautiful art objects.I had no clue.

  • Harvey Covey

    Harvey Covey

     14 days ago

    Absolutely stunning!

  • spin230


     14 days ago

    Just picked up a lathe from Brooklyn NY, can’t wait to start turning again . Ever try using aluminum shavings from a drill press in some resin? It will probably dull the knives but it may look interesting

  • Fernando Natale

    Fernando Natale

     14 days ago

    Awesome Semper Fidelis to you my brother

  • Gayle Greer

    Gayle Greer

     14 days ago +1

    That bowl is simply a knock-out!!   WOW!!

  • ArabianKnight7771


     14 days ago +1

    Nice work