Link's ULTIMATE Weapon is....Wind? | The SCIENCE... of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 17, 2018
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    We've covered how CRAZY the Weather in Zelda really is, but what if someone could control that weather? OH WAIT!! Someone CAN! In Wind Waker, Link is given the ability to manipulate weather and the ability to change from day to night at will. Except, that's a BAD IDEA. Today, Austin is going to tell you why giving Link Wind Waker was the worst idea EVER!!

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  • grndragon7777777


     3 days ago

    You know this show is strange when muted

  • Henry Davis

    Henry Davis

     7 days ago

    in the adult timeline, Link doesn't stay as an adult. rather, the timeline is what happens when he leaves and goes back to being a child, leaving the adult timeline defenseless.

  • scurvydog20


     7 days ago

    um considering you said pressure was caused by temp couldnt the wand just exchange the energy in the air masses rather than moving them

  • Rowan Jones

    Rowan Jones

     7 days ago

    What was the song that plays at 10:00

  • I am TheWitherSkull

    I am TheWitherSkull

     7 days ago +1

    Oh okay totally not dusturbing.

  • Andrew Robinson

    Andrew Robinson

     14 days ago

    I mean what if it only alters the wind in a small radius around Link instead of in all of Hyrule and this radius travels with him. How destructive would that be?

  • Gamer sonic Ryan Shreve 201894

    Gamer sonic Ryan Shreve 201894

     14 days ago

    Am laughing so hard because of Norse. Once you start doing science and somebody messes up what there saying it gonna to be 100% funny.

  • Mìlk Łèa

    Mìlk Łèa

     21 days ago

    hahaahhahahahahah, omg, I can't stop laughing, this guy is a genius. Well, as a comedian.

  • Absol197


     21 days ago +1

    While I love this video (and nearly all of Austin's videos), we're already dealing with a magic wand. Who's to say the high pressure area has to move? We know teleportation exists in the LoZ universe, maybe the wand teleports air molecules slowly (over the course of three seconds) to switch the wind direction.

    Sure, there's probably some issues that would still arise, but I'd wager they're unlikely to be as severe as supersonic shockwaves and thousands of tornadoes.

  • Avatar Raptor

    Avatar Raptor

     21 days ago

    a stick capable of changing the wind?

    Avatar aang: Am I a joke to you?

  • boybreak786


     21 days ago

    man, he has realy scared me on this one

  • AudOldEnds


     28 days ago

    No no Austin. You right. That kid is horrifying and always makes me nauseous looking at him. And I’m about as far from a parent as you can get

  • BlueGloop


     28 days ago

    God dang he can read SO fast....

  • chris jones

    chris jones

     a months ago

    Dem blue text videos

  • Jack Parker

    Jack Parker

     a months ago

    guys guys the wind waker is dangerous??! what about The FAST SAIL THAT CHANGES THE WINDS DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH

  • Ivan Salazar

    Ivan Salazar

     a months ago

    where is the other guy?

  • Condemned Crimson

    Condemned Crimson

     a months ago

    No mention of the Swift sail... I'm ashamed.. considering that it changes the wind as well... sure, only when you're on your boat... but the effects still happen.

  • Syaoran Barker

    Syaoran Barker

     a months ago

    I kinda want to replay the game now and have a No-Waker run. It'd take AGES, but you can use tacking to sail upwind. Of course, WW boat physics are a little off, but I have used tacking for short distances, so it'd just be a matter of being patient enough for the longer distances... and also having to be more active in fending off the sharks...

  • Sarah Mendez

    Sarah Mendez

     a months ago

    Bully: ha! I will destroy you, weakling!!
    Me(holds up the wind waker) omae wa mou shinderu
    Bully: NANI?!
    Me:(swings wand and reduces the town to ashes)

  • Skiffy


     a months ago

    personal idea, its a magicky magic bullshit world, he could just teleport the air directly there, seeing as its a "magical relic", but this is boring and not fun to yell al