The Girlfriend Fairy

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 2, 2017
  • By the time something happens for the fifth time, it becomes a pattern. Let's talk about the Girlfriend Fairy.

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  • Cookie TV

    Cookie TV

     10 minutes ago

    Your so beautiful I don't care what other people say💗

  • Wrath Sin

    Wrath Sin

     an hour ago

    Nope sorry no girlfriend, you tried but I'm just that stunningly ugly that the girl that had a crush on me for two years who I had the same feelings for both know the situation and had basically made and agreement that we weren't a "Couple" until we were allowed both allowed to date, flash forward a little and oop big smack in the face not only did she a different crush she was dating him, note this is the same year that she had stated she could not date, but I wasn't even mad, hell I was happy for her, she found someone better, until I found out it was the douche of the school, you know spoiled rich kid who's parents paid so he was in advance classes, this was a legitimate thing you could do in my school, so I'm mildly pissed but let it slide she's happy I think, another year passes and my feeling if anything have become more intense, so after hearing some rumors I asked this girl I knew who was friends with my crush and had told me they had broken up the guy with her, and so I tell her my whole ordeal and she says to go at it since she might have feelings for you again, give note to the fact that my crush's entire friend group supported us and when I found out that was a mistake I was hesitant but I slowly reformed a bond with her, we had become friends and then I here some oh so magical words. "Could you help me get a boyfriend?" And I'm here dumbfounded and I look at her confused and she continues "I like this guy in the grade above us..." and I had tuned out after those words were muttered, I lost all hope once again, this girl who I genuinely saw myself be able to live and love and my hope fell apart, I had nodded and quickly made an excuse to walk away. I sat down and I was silently crying, my muscles were tensed my eyes strained and my ears doing that horrible ringing they do, and for the rest of the day nothing brought me up, I walked home and got wasted, and I don't mean cried myself to sleep, my dad had a habit of getting high at 8 and invites my older sister to it since she started smoking, and I'm a good kid I follow the rules enough but I was so done I had asked if I could join and my dad asked why, and I said, "I need to escape reality" and he looked at me concerned and we had a go, and I don't remember much, but over the weekend I contemplated life, another flash forward and boom, suddenly the boy breaks up with her and says he can't maintain a relationship, she tries to hold out for him to come back and she's only talking about him but I'm out of it, quick flash forward again and now she probably has a different crush and the other guy is in a relationship and oh I was livid this man not only hurt her, he did it in a way it made him seem like the victim saying that he couldn't keep devoting time to her because it's causing him to start falling behind, and you see I'm a grade below but I do the next grades classes but wasn't able to skip a grade and I knew exactly what he had to do, and none of it was hard, but here I am now, she doesn't like me our friendship is fading away again, but Rebecca I'm glad you could make others happy I just wish I could do the same, cause I can't seem to be happy.

  • stormfly Honey 48

    stormfly Honey 48

     an hour ago +1

    Rebeca your really nice and should get a BF •~• screw all da haters pikers hit the like boton

  • Monica johnson

    Monica johnson

     12 hours ago


  • ßalty bī5čh

    ßalty bī5čh

     12 hours ago

    Cool I'm gonna get a gf cuz I'm pan

  • hailie poole

    hailie poole

     13 hours ago

    keep trying you can get a boy freind

  • radio rebel 2

    radio rebel 2

     14 hours ago

    I'm sorry my speaker is not working

  • radio rebel 2

    radio rebel 2

     14 hours ago

    I just liked and subscribed and the notification go so maybe for have some I just........OHHHHH HECK YEAH WOOOOOHOOOOOO........I'm sorry I'm weird 😞

  • Cole Hilliard

    Cole Hilliard

     15 hours ago


  • Amy Lynn

    Amy Lynn

     15 hours ago

    Should I subscribe?

  • Susan Hunley

    Susan Hunley

     16 hours ago


  • Joshua Hellman

    Joshua Hellman

     16 hours ago

    A wild problem has appeared.

    Self, use laugh at!

    It is super effective.

  • Eliot The devil

    Eliot The devil

     19 hours ago

    Hey Rebecca could you help me I have been rejected 100’s of times hoping you could help me with this curse maybe please help

  • Yasmin Alkhalil

    Yasmin Alkhalil

     21 hours ago


  • Rotesha Herron

    Rotesha Herron

     21 hours ago

    I'm years old 8

  • lewis stanbury

    lewis stanbury

     21 hours ago


  • lewis stanbury

    lewis stanbury

     21 hours ago

    Plz help me I need a GD

  • Minecraft Wolfgirl

    Minecraft Wolfgirl

     22 hours ago

    you know Rebecca...........

    I ACTUALLY found a girlfriend!!! (Even thought ima girl don't mind that) I'm not even kidding!! I think you are the girlfriend fairy!! :O

  • jellyjenn23



    WAIT A MINUTE you said sometimes you did it online but some people pretend the picture is them so they might of not got a girlfriend but the person might of already had one so yea

  • kiwaii potato

    kiwaii potato


    Ok girlfriend fairy I want a girlfriend and I'm a girl oh I'm BISEXUAL