5 Winter Car Gadgets put to the Test!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 18, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vwpq6GTAmsM


  • Azurda Azurda

    Azurda Azurda

     a years ago +1173

    Mom: what are you doing
    Me: watching Russian man clean snow off his car

  • 4 RealBro

    4 RealBro

     a years ago +358

    "Boom,I can go like that and clean all the windah"

  • Firexx Gaming

    Firexx Gaming

     a years ago +267

    Clean winda

  • Emma Ef

    Emma Ef

     a years ago +233

    Why do people think everyone owns a garage??

  • AlexHitEmUp 16

    AlexHitEmUp 16

     a years ago +323

    "I can go like dis and clean the whole winda" 😂

  • R 453

    R 453

     a years ago +95

    Easiest way to get snow and ice off your car: set fire to the car... and BOOM!! No more snow ❄️

  • Zip lo

    Zip lo

     a years ago +14

    I can go like that and clean the whole winda 😂

  • Cheeto Dust

    Cheeto Dust

     a years ago +37

    Snow is real?? In the lands of Texas tis but a myth

  • paco3523


     a years ago +33

    I can clean the whole winda with my long hands and dis cool gadgik

  • HyralProductions


     a years ago +36

    Soviet russain cars used to vibrate so much they usually vibrated the snow off themselves after you started the engine

  • Pindi Man

    Pindi Man

     10 months ago +47

    7:39 ..........thats what she said🤭🤭

  • Woody Canham

    Woody Canham

     a years ago +266

    So we got LiL bRoOm

  • Norman Ebs

    Norman Ebs

     2 months ago

    1:07 “And clean the whole WINDA” 🤣 - that’s why we love this guy!

  • Slow Cuber

    Slow Cuber

     a years ago +1

    CRH: clean your winda
    ME: say that again
    CRH: Winda
    ME: Ok say wind
    CRH: Wind
    ME: Now say ow
    CRH: ow
    ME: now say window
    CRH: winda

  • Claire Mcguire

    Claire Mcguire

     a years ago +8

    Lets just have a moment to take in how satisfying the snow on his car looks at the start.... 😌
    I am pleased...

  • RedHedgeHog


     a years ago +1

    If you are dirty minded you will understand:
    00:19 Close your eyes

  • Zain Hamed

    Zain Hamed

     6 months ago +1

    1:05 I can go like that and clean da hole winda

  • Mike Jones

    Mike Jones

     a years ago +1

    "long hands" 😂😂😂 Love Taras' English.

  • NorCal Solar

    NorCal Solar

     a years ago +1

    Best part: if you have very long hands like mine😂

  • Darksydesamy


     a years ago +9

    Cleans snow off windshield. Then goes on to push snow into windshield.