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  • Published on:  Monday, June 12, 2017
  • 35 unbelievable cooking hacks and food tricks.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/voztwgixwtg


  • Easy Tricks & Hacks

    Easy Tricks & Hacks

     a years ago +61

    I don't know why but comments were disabled for a few months on this video for no reason.... anyway I re-enabled them so please everyone comment which food hack you enjoyed the most, tahnk you!

  • Sergy


     an hour ago

    I thought the egg poached in glass of water was clever but york exploded before getting cooked when I tried it!!! Not clever at all! Good at least there was a plate on the top as shown which saved the mess. I guess the amount of water relative to egg is important. Will try again.

  • art brad

    art brad

     4 hours ago

    What was that noise in the background? Was it supposed to be music? You lasted about 6 seconds on my screen.

  • missxcessive


     4 hours ago

    10:04 how about just a paperclip or clothes peg?

  • missxcessive


     5 hours ago

    Bloody eggs

  • M L

    M L

     5 hours ago +1

    I'm assuming eggs are the main star of this video?

  • Sa'lands Stuart

    Sa'lands Stuart

     10 hours ago

    Damn everything with egg's. Hello everybody don't eat half cooked egg's but pretty creative 👍

  • Panda Gold

    Panda Gold

     11 hours ago

    Terrible. You tube needs a new algorithm

  • Palicte vlog

    Palicte vlog

     20 hours ago

    wow sarap naman

  • Palicte vlog

    Palicte vlog

     20 hours ago

    wow ganyan pala yun para maging juice sarap naman

  • H R

    H R


    6:01 You saw the cheese added was Mozzarella but just to point out dear views (for those of you who do not know) the green stuff was cannabis.
    That's right, you need one egg, spinke of mozzarella and one gram of Ganja.

    P. S, I'm not lying. if you don't believe me, try it yourself.

  • Greg Walker

    Greg Walker


    ho-hum, can't see any reason to try these INCREDIBLE hacks...

  • jbrisby



    Life is way too short to put this much trouble into a fried egg.

  • jbrisby


     yesterday +1

    OK I dipped out when I saw the carrot being peeled with steel wool. A carrot peeler costs 99 cents, dude.

  • Craig Mocello

    Craig Mocello


    Quite a bit of work to peel a potato

  • Happy Avocado

    Happy Avocado

     yesterday +3

    Well clog my arteries... fried hot dogs! 🤪

  • becky g

    becky g


    what's with the bloody eggs?

  • Zeik Liccardo

    Zeik Liccardo


    Those eggs were fertilised LOL

  • Tegan Bigone

    Tegan Bigone

     2 days ago +1

    NEVER EVER EVER EVER put poultry or eggs in a microwave oven!!!! It does not kill bacteria like cooking by frying/baking/boiling does!!

  • Bella Swan

    Bella Swan

     3 days ago

    Instead if trying to get the bag to seal just use a clip, one that comes off clothes hangers or clothes pins.