theodd1sout and I Complain About Arizona

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 7, 2016
  • James's (james'? jame's's? idk english is weird) channel:
    His Arizona video:
    ASMR video we parodied for like 3 seconds:
    The egg cooking video:

    wow thats a lot of links... and they're most likely just a waste of space because no one reads the descrption

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  • This YouTube account Sucks

    This YouTube account Sucks

     an hour ago

    1:00 is that Solrock from Pokemon?

  • Mortal Cloud

    Mortal Cloud

     5 hours ago

    Map shows up
    Me: Where am I....
    Realizes this is the states
    Looks up
    Me: There I am!

  • Tim Perez

    Tim Perez

     6 hours ago

    You know you're only talking about the summer in Arizona it's not just boring you know it's also events and a freaking better in October and November including December

  • kalokohan GAMING

    kalokohan GAMING

     7 hours ago

    "hi i'm jaiden"
    "hi i'm james"

  • Nerds Rule

    Nerds Rule

     8 hours ago +1

    And southern Utah

  • Kuro Maru

    Kuro Maru

     9 hours ago

    OMG, jaiden lives in Arizona like me. Wow, I’m so happy like wow!

  • Squid Kid

    Squid Kid

     9 hours ago

    I know this is late

    I’m in CA wearing a jacket for winter In 109 degrees

  • Evan Hilson

    Evan Hilson

     10 hours ago

    Soooubway wat wong wi da

  • Violet The Giraffe

    Violet The Giraffe

     10 hours ago

    Ahhh I’m moving to Arizona 😭😂

  • Jeremy Estrella

    Jeremy Estrella

     11 hours ago

    Prescott az boi👉

  • EthanLikesDrawing


     12 hours ago

    126 this year. ._. Just sayin'. I live in Arizona too.

  • Aliza Jalil

    Aliza Jalil

     12 hours ago

    That way you dont have to cook on the stove lol

  • Gerardo Villasenor

    Gerardo Villasenor

     13 hours ago

    I live in Arizona to yes I hope I meet you two one day

  • Luke’s Golden Videos

    Luke’s Golden Videos

     14 hours ago

    1:39 “Alright Me Boi, Let’s Fry Some Patties Here!”

    6:10 S H R E K

  • Ethanplays0291


     14 hours ago

    Michigan is worse it’s so humid out a normal 90 degree day with a hundred percent humidity day which is normal it’s equivalent to a 120 degree day in arizona

  • Gabriel Hutasoit

    Gabriel Hutasoit

     15 hours ago

    Is kissing in AZ healthy tho? Your lips's probably dehydrated

  • Blooming Late

    Blooming Late

     16 hours ago

    I'm SO glad you mentioned Javalinas! The only good javelina is a dead one!!
    It sux in Az,there IS nothing here,especially for almost 6 months out of the year!! We have NO seasons,except hit of not do hot. We cannot wear fashion unless we are 16-25 year old girls who can get away with wearing hardly anything!!! I DESPISE AZ!!

  • I’m a Chicken nugget

    I’m a Chicken nugget

     17 hours ago +3

    Who else lives in Arizona?

  • Kitty DIY

    Kitty DIY

     18 hours ago

    I feel you I don’t live in Arizona but Alabama is really really hot

  • John Cabezas

    John Cabezas

     20 hours ago

    30-50 feral hogs are in AZ