What is Hydro Dip Kit?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 8, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vHQWsQwqqvg


  • Riya Sharma

    Riya Sharma

     7 days ago

    You should move the cup around the paint that is there in the water coz once you dip it the paint bends and breaks off from around.

  • Kaila Savang

    Kaila Savang

     1 months ago

    Can you do this on a car?

  • David Laidlaw [8BitMaple]

    David Laidlaw [8BitMaple]

     1 months ago

    I think your supposed to dip at a 45 degree angle but you prolly should have read the directions XD

  • chris clifton

    chris clifton

     1 months ago +1

    I think the high gloss clear lacquer supposed to go on after the hydro dip. I guess I should finish the video first though

  • Andrew Romero

    Andrew Romero

     1 months ago


  • James Burgess

    James Burgess

     1 months ago

    You gotta dip at 45 degree angle

  • KNOWN GAMER Good gamer

    KNOWN GAMER Good gamer

     2 months ago

    Did you guys see the ant

  • Heather David burton

    Heather David burton

     2 months ago

    I have seen in some where they say go at a 45 degree angle when dipping it in

  • HDKatarina


     2 months ago +1

    What I'm doing RONG
    It does LOOKS good

    Well, is it so hard to learn?

  • Datnuba -yeet

    Datnuba -yeet

     3 months ago

    Y'all chill

  • John Eriksson

    John Eriksson

     3 months ago

    You need to start to read the instructions before you do things

  • Elite


     3 months ago

    Bud you holding it in one position when you deep it move it around so coat can stick on it

  • Akosi Nable

    Akosi Nable

     3 months ago

    You noob

  • Matt Edwards

    Matt Edwards

     3 months ago

    Clear goes after. Just like painting a car or anything else. Clear always goes last

  • Carson Martin

    Carson Martin

     4 months ago

    Who was more interested in the ant

  • Ardra Dwipayana

    Ardra Dwipayana

     4 months ago

    1:32 i like to call it songebob

  • Shantanu Saha

    Shantanu Saha

     4 months ago

    dude ur hands were too shaky

    you need very stable hands for this

    but u did a good job,i guess if i were to do this i would have failed worse than the second mug/cup

  • Korro


     5 months ago

    How can i order for your kit

  • mark Bohamed

    mark Bohamed

     5 months ago +34

    Taras REFUSES to read instructions COMPLETELY.....😂😂😂

  • mark Bohamed

    mark Bohamed

     5 months ago +1

    He just sprays the paint right on his driveway.....lol