Microwaving Things For 10 Hours Straight

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 26, 2019
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    We microwaved stuff for 10 hours and it's kinda funny.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/us2fkdDTZss


  • BeastHacks


     7 months ago +6264

    like the video for a cookie

  • Scott Harowski

    Scott Harowski

     2 days ago

    I got 5 on it

  • Gabriel Mikhail 2020

    Gabriel Mikhail 2020

     7 days ago

    Pokémon 💎 version

  • EGGAMES108


     21 days ago

    thats dangerous (:

  • Mac Jamieson

    Mac Jamieson

     21 days ago


  • TeVeelGevraagd


     21 days ago

    Fortnite t shirt

  • Pokecraft vids

    Pokecraft vids

     21 days ago

    5:21 I thought you said those Popeyes are the best

  • Monty Snakes

    Monty Snakes

     21 days ago +1

    1 like = 5 pushups
    Pease I need it

  • Brooke Butler

    Brooke Butler

     21 days ago

    lol omg its 00:17 and I was asleep well half and I woke up I got scared so much I drooped my phone

  • Dat boi 225 Idk

    Dat boi 225 Idk

     21 days ago

    I like the super Mario sunshine background music

  • Joe Tunnicliffe

    Joe Tunnicliffe

     21 days ago

    That is so weird in the rock paper scissors it was like they could see what I wa doing they got it exactly right

  • Crystal Harrell

    Crystal Harrell

     21 days ago

    my Roblox name is NeverWillBeKnown

  • The Dude

    The Dude

     21 days ago

    so i jokingly did the rock paper scissors, and it went exactly with the video. like, did i win a cookie?

  • krissi Putansu

    krissi Putansu

     21 days ago

    You use Pokémon pearl music yea boiiiiii its route 202

  • Lol Pint

    Lol Pint

     21 days ago

    Wrong Mr beast



     21 days ago

    I got click bated so hard

  • Yoshifan64 playz

    Yoshifan64 playz

     21 days ago

    When I realize I have been watching Mr. beast this whole time and it went right past me :O

  • Piechowski Kamil

    Piechowski Kamil

     21 days ago

    You,re burning down the house and enjoy yourself

  • Haych Bee

    Haych Bee

     21 days ago

    Tell me , what did you microwave for 10 hours strait?

  • James Ang

    James Ang

     21 days ago

    They probably could have fed thousands of kids in Africa but they decided to hit the food with an axe 5:54