Lyu Xiaojun V Mohamed Ehab | The Battle of Ashgabat

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 20, 2019
  • It was one of the greatest battles ever seen on the international stage...

    China's Lyu Xiaojun and Egypt's Mohamed Ehab clashed once again in the fight to become World Champion. This time the fight was at 81kg.

    Re-live the fascinating back-and-forth between these two world-class weightlifters that took place at the 2018 IWF World Championships in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

    Credit to All Things Gym for the training hall and slow motion footage.

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  • Ahmed Essam

    Ahmed Essam

     18 hours ago

    I think seeing Ehab snatching is the best thing in this sport

  • Alex Rinaldi

    Alex Rinaldi

     2 days ago

    start song?please

  • حنيف مسلم

    حنيف مسلم

     2 days ago +1

    حسبنا الله ☝️❤

  • Learn Japanese With me

    Learn Japanese With me

     3 days ago

    Leg Drive VS Hip Drive

  • Kareem Ehab

    Kareem Ehab

     7 days ago

    شرفتنا يبني والله انت فعلا من سلالة الفراعنة عيزينك ترفعلنا هرم منقرع الصغير دا و الواد الصيني البينفسك دا حنروح معاك المرة الجاية كلنا كمصريين و نعمل ليزر فعينو و هو بيرفع نزغزغو تحت باطو ولا حاجة أو نرمي علية طوب المهم ميدياكش 😂 ايوا كدا وريهم أن شباب مصر يرفع اي حاجة و لو بس بتوع الفديو كليب يسيبو ركب الشباب فحالها حنرفع اكتر كمان بس عاش يا بطل شرفت شباب و كبار مصر ⁦🇪🇬⁩⁦🇪🇬⁩⁦🇪🇬⁩⁦🇪🇬⁩⁦🇪🇬⁩😎👆💙⁦♥️⁩🖤 الحمد لله 👆⁦☪️⁩⁦🇪🇬⁩⁦🇪🇬⁩الونش المصري

  • Fabio Tieri

    Fabio Tieri

     7 days ago

    Just lol at the effortless way Liu stands up after the clean, he makes you think he's gonna thruster the weight.

  • BAAM 25th

    BAAM 25th

     14 days ago

    China honestly did a great job they selected 10000 kids with great potential and then from those 10000 they selected the best put them all on gear and now we have a bunch of monsters. I am not saying them being on gear is wrong, everyone at that stage has to use gear, it takes talent to be the best.

  • Hayzt1008


     14 days ago

    Lu stands up from those cleans so fast!!! Literally zero hesitation

  • Bassam samy

    Bassam samy

     14 days ago


  • music arrow

    music arrow

     21 days ago

    Legacy passes from Lyu to Li... The new champion coming

  • Arbi Firman

    Arbi Firman

     21 days ago

    Can they get bigger without steroids?

  • Ahmet Ada

    Ahmet Ada

     21 days ago


  • Tahmeed Rahman

    Tahmeed Rahman

     21 days ago +1

    Ehab almost won
    That score was so close

  • Chaz


     21 days ago +1

    Wooow Mohamed is a beast

  • dead style

    dead style

     21 days ago

    putos amos!

  • Kendy Japri

    Kendy Japri

     21 days ago +1

    Dont skip your leg days ;)

  • Connoemano


     21 days ago

    You are not Lu

  • Julian


     28 days ago

    No belt fckk

  • Мурат Кавказ

    Мурат Кавказ

     28 days ago

    9:19 music name???

  • sam sam

    sam sam

     28 days ago

    am a lu fan ... but Ehab got my respect