Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) - pt 2

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 5, 2017
  • Missed Part 1? Here it is! ►► Bendy Will END! ►►► for no apparent reason ►► it is...the end of an era. Three years and almost twenty theories, but I think I have it. I think I've SOLVED FNAF. When you look at the timeline of events, all the major questions of the franchise start to make sense -- Who is inside Springtrap? Was FNAF 4 in 1983 or 1987? Where is Chica in Sister Location? What's the deal with Balloon Boy? So I went back and mapped out EVERY event to create the FINAL FNAF theory...answering all the lingering questions from the series and setting things up for Scott to eventually release FNAF 6. We all know it's coming so why resist?SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories ► out with us on GTLive! ►► More THEORIES:Metal Gear Solid ISN'T REAL! ►► SOLVED Zelda’s Timeline! ►► Want to Be the Devil! | Hello Neighbor ►► is TRAGIC! | Petscop ►► G-Man's IDENTITY REVEALED! ►► Mario Odyssey’s GIANT Problem! ► Is INSANELY RICH! ►► out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► Shock ►► SCIENCE! ►►
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  • The Game Theorists

     1 years ago

    Now we wait to see if Scott updates his site again...

  • KHek Spla

     1 months ago


  • AmusingChikengirl s

     2 months ago

    The Game Theorists, it’s now been maybe about a year and a half since this video was published and Scott is coming about with a FNAF 7. Be ready Matty because you have more theories to do.

  • Rogers Animated

     1 years ago

    Guy: Hey, Game Theorists are doing their final fnaf theory. They said it might finally connect all the dots!Scott: Hold my beer.

  • Aiden Gaming


    Hold my foxy mask

  • dab bro

     5 months ago


  • SL'S Main channel

     20 days ago

    Matpat: I SOLVED FNAF!Scott: I'm bout to end this mans whole career

  • Arissa Yee


    That is soo true 😂😂

  • Thiccc Squirrel Girl

     3 days ago

    It’s the Logan Paul vs KSI MatPat vs Scott Cotthon

  • Fireball 73256

     14 days ago

    He's hereHe's thereHe's everywhere Who you gonna call?Psychic Friend Fredbear!

  • Battery170


    Oh Fredbear....

  • InpuT GrimTech

     11 days ago

    MatPat = YAY I FINALLY FINISHEDScott = Sorry I forgot to add my 25 more gamesWelp Mat back to counting toes

  • Dru Captiosus

     2 months ago

    MatPat :"the end of a series."Scott: "Hold my cheap cardboard pizza."

  • Silent Gamer2015

     4 days ago

    Hold my exotic butters

  • Skadaddle Skadoodle

     26 days ago

    Dru Captiosus real conversation

  • a soggy taco

     20 days ago


  • Talashia Allen

     4 days ago

    scott: twisted ones

  • Fabreeze Keeps It Fresh

     9 days ago

    Scott: *makes fnaf: Help Wanted*

  • Nope And more nope

     2 months ago

    That’s one screwed up family, talk about communication issues

  • Crazy kid Gameing51

     2 months ago

    Funtime Freddy: “It’s to late to back out now! Hahahahah!”Me: *closes tab* Funtime Freddy: “Am I a joke to you?”

  • Lpsrandom

     13 days ago

    To be honest when Funtime Freddy said, “Its too late to turn back now! Hahaha!” I almost pressed another vid!!!


     1 months ago

    Add this:Meh:yes u r bcuz ur a Clown animatronic who kill and will become the next yuri

  • Kim Mason

     2 months ago

    Game theorists: YES FINALLY NO MOREScott: umm what are you talkin about*updates site*Game theorists:NOOOOOOOO

  • Lexidoodle 63

     20 days ago

    Kim Mason Fnaf vr: Hold my beer.