Flying Singapore Airline PREMIUM Economy New York to Singapore

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 1, 2017
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  • Ramsha Sadia

    Ramsha Sadia

     3 days ago

    The apple looks like a cherry in front of his hand

  • Andy Landry

    Andy Landry

     14 days ago

    Mickey get earlier to the Airport and always, Always take a change of Clothes with You on the Plane

  • Im the guy;

    Im the guy;

     21 days ago

    Jackie time travel :'D

  • Tentacles45


     21 days ago

    Who knew that this was going to be the first of TENS of trips back

  • TS Wong

    TS Wong

     28 days ago

    the food sucks! yucks! Singapore Airlines is over-rated

  • Go Kill Yourself

    Go Kill Yourself

     1 months ago

    singapore is such a horrible place, we cant wait to leave it and he cant wait to come here rofl

  • peacelizard


     1 months ago

    So this is what it looks like to make it in life

  • bts ARMY

    bts ARMY

     1 months ago

    Chicken noodle soup only army and Becky G fans now what I mean

  • Filipino In America

    Filipino In America

     1 months ago

    All my long travels from the east coast US to Asia. I have mastered sleeping sitting down. If there’s one thing I’m good at in this life, is sleeping sitting down😂

  • wildrose39


     1 months ago

    Only $400 more and that’s okay? Wow, I wish I could just say it’s only $400 more. You’re doing well Sir! 👏🏻👏🏻😊💕

  • Christa Swint

    Christa Swint

     2 months ago

    That hotel was gorgeous!

  • Mark Forcyth

    Mark Forcyth

     2 months ago

    What a fascinating long trip!!

  • Holyflame


     2 months ago

    I wish i could also casually leave my house and say i'm gonna go to Japan lol.

  • Mr. Soap

    Mr. Soap

     2 months ago +2

    Mike: I wanna go to Singapore.. Well lets go!

    Chill dude

  • Fred Xie

    Fred Xie

     2 months ago

    I come here for the HOOOOOT OOOOOIL. And I am satisfied

  • Kecia Lim

    Kecia Lim

     2 months ago

    I live in Singapore and we created our own language called snglish

  • Serene Goh

    Serene Goh

     2 months ago

    1:18 "Chicken Noodle Soup" (x3) with a soda on the side
    I dont like the song tho

  • Zhi Bin Liu

    Zhi Bin Liu

     2 months ago

    Did the Book the Cook from LAX to Sin n I didn't like it as the nasi lemak was too salty n so was the other dishes which I couldn't remember what. But if u r flying via Narita always choose the Japanese selection from the menu as it is really good n very substantial too.

  • Stephanie Weininger

    Stephanie Weininger

     2 months ago

    Mikey, I really appreciate the video of the drive. I live in the Midwest now and really missed seeing that drive into the city



     3 months ago

    @ 0:48 certified asian driver l