Flying Singapore Airline PREMIUM Economy New York to Singapore

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 1, 2017
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  • ajaiiz


     a years ago +1803

    Mike says "let's go to Singapore" with the same casualness as me saying "let's go to the store"



     5 months ago +382

    "Only 400$ more" this is the kind of rich talk I don't understand

  • Fish For Thought

    Fish For Thought

     a years ago +716

    Mike Chen finally realizing he's a travel vlogger and what that means with sponser potential hahahahahaha now he's living the life :)

  • Rojer Alboroto

    Rojer Alboroto

     a years ago +158

    I've been to Singapore airport before. I wish I lived in Singapore airport.

  • someone


     4 months ago +66

    “Hey that’s me” points at Jackie Chan
    Guys’s he knows abort

  • JR Channel

    JR Channel

     a years ago +762

    Does anyone else thinks he looks like Jackie Chan??

  • riani anggun

    riani anggun

     11 months ago +227

    Rush hour option
    there's jackie chan
    "Hey it's me.. Kidding.. Just kidding"

  • Mimi N

    Mimi N

     yesterday +1

    Mikey does really look like a younger Jackie Chan Wow 😮

  • boobookittifukk


     a years ago +37

    I fly Singapore Airlines a lot. The trick to good food is to always pick the Asian or Indian dish. Way better than the Western options in my opinion.
    With premium economy, use Book The Cook if you don't want to risk the onboard menu. I used it recently on my trip to/from London but I wouldn't mind ordering off the menu if I hadn't bothered with BTC.

  • Jackie Ciser

    Jackie Ciser

     a years ago +1977

    To any potential sponsors watching this video, please support mike! Many thanks in advance!:)

  • Emely


     a years ago +231

    I feel proud of Singapore now

  • Carly Shan Shan Carly

    Carly Shan Shan Carly

     a years ago +125

    Hi Mikey! I am a singaporean fan. I will let you know everything you need to know!
    1) Singapore airport is mostly clean. When the opening of Terminal 4 (aka T4) they will use robot Cleaners to clean the airport, so the Cleaners will just clean T1,2 and 3
    2)Merlion, why is it a fish and a lion? Well Singapore was a fishing village, The first ever person to go in the "fishing village" saw a his/her first animal there, it was a lion! Ever since that animal had its story from a man.
    3) Want a splashiful weekend? Go to Adventure cove! (At Sentosa). Want to go on a high walk adventure? Go along and get your body to forest adventure (Hasn't confirmed the place)
    Thank you for taking your time reading this :)

  • kr4zyy


     a years ago +155

    Aye I live there I moved from America and it's nice here

  • Nadine Achhammer

    Nadine Achhammer


    Did he just say “only 400$ more”?

  • Kasey Benton

    Kasey Benton

     a years ago +216

    Most of the vloggers on YouTube right now plan out their vlogs and do crazy things for the camera. I love that you just live your life, and record it. It's nice to see interesting content, a real person, and a good attitude!

  • hueylax707901


     9 months ago +23

    "Premium only cost $400 more" only... 400 is expensive for a regular ticket for me...

  • Kahlia Kadziolka

    Kahlia Kadziolka

     a years ago +17

    Sees video. Immediately clicks❣️ why doesn't he have like 10 mil? I can't wait till that happens👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😁

  • Charles Williams

    Charles Williams

     10 months ago +13

    Hi Mike I love Singapore and Singapore airlines. I often fly Singapore airlines I have flown business clas and economy premium. I have flown with them on the 380, I really love that route JFK to fra to sin. I all ways do a stayover in Frankfurt and Singapore airlines will not charge you for making the request, Also Jumbo's has the best Chill crab that I ever had, you got to try them. Again their service is great.

  • neal tran

    neal tran

     12 hours ago

    are you a relative of Jacky Chan?

  • Michelle V

    Michelle V

     a years ago +752

    "Only $400 dollars more" 😳 Only!?