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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 25, 2018
  • When it comes to the news cycle out of South Asia, Bangladesh is often overshadowed by its larger, nuclear-armed neighbors, India and Pakistan. But as the country deals with an unprecedented influx of about a million Rohingya muslim refugees from Myanmar, Bangladesh’s presence on the world stage has taken on a new urgency—as it is shoulders these important diplomatic and humanitarian tests.

    The People's Republic of Bangladesh has a variety of political and social challenges to overcome, whose solutions may very well help determine how much more powerful Bangladesh becomes over the next few years.

    The Bangladesh economy is showing signs of growth. Overall, the quality of life in Bangladesh is beginning improve too, as the nation pulls its people out of poverty. The Bangladesh military is also beginning to strengthen. Meaning, it just might position itself as a third player in South Asia’s largely two-country show.

    So, just how powerful is Bangladesh?

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  • Judah Robinson

    Judah Robinson

     10 months ago +166

    Hey guys, Judah here! What are some other nations you’d like us to examine in one of our next 'How Powerful' video?

  • hurrem sultan

    hurrem sultan

     21 hours ago

    Extra love with India has now become a danger.......Bangladesh is going to become another Sikim.....
    We are going to lose our country very soon to a dominationist India

  • Pavel World

    Pavel World


    Bangladesh gdp 317 billion 2019
    within 2040 his country will be G20 country
    so u think how powerful is Bangladesh
    Current gdp position 39th
    economic growth 7.8%

  • Shourov Chakraborty

    Shourov Chakraborty


    nice content,, and you only scratched the surface about my country.

  • Middle



    you didn't talked about Sheikh Mujibur rahman( Father Or The Nation)

  • Mdrrpilot Khan

    Mdrrpilot Khan


    I love my country (Bangladesh )

  • Ananta Dev Datta

    Ananta Dev Datta


    Except the religious fundamentalist people, Bangladesh is a pretty cool place to hang out...If you are frozen in the winter, just come here and enjoy...

  • Izmam Rahman

    Izmam Rahman

     2 days ago

    Refugees are slowly destroying Bangladesh. I am bangladeshi they steal stuff make our lands very dirty

  • madone 05

    madone 05

     3 days ago

    The only thing that comes to mind when I think about Bangladesh is overcrowded trains and super densely populated places. I might visit the country sometime soon. :)

  • abc Co

    abc Co

     4 days ago

    3:46 any reference for bad relationship with Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is not true. Since its independence Pakistan has good relations with Bangladesh.
    Bangladesh is close to three nuclear powers India Pakistan and China.
    Economically BD is growing rapidly but they are going to face headwinds due to climate crisis. The recent floods from cyclone bulbul is the latest example. Having said that as compared to other neighboring countries BD has been growing steadily since 1990s, I hope it stays that way.

  • Fagoon Bhuiyan

    Fagoon Bhuiyan

     4 days ago

    yes indeed...

  • Lag legend101

    Lag legend101

     4 days ago

    Hah I'm From Bangladesh

  • Angel X samiya

    Angel X samiya

     4 days ago

    Thank you for support Bangladesh❤

  • Dr tech Asia

    Dr tech Asia

     5 days ago

    u have no idea about my country .

  • pubg gamer

    pubg gamer

     5 days ago

    China is our greatest friend......and India is our greatest enemy.......long live India n BANGLADESH friendship

  • Sampa Dholey

    Sampa Dholey

     6 days ago

    India never overshadowed bangladesh

  • Fardeen Khan

    Fardeen Khan

     6 days ago

    Love from Sydney.

  • Rezaul karim khan Onee

    Rezaul karim khan Onee

     7 days ago

    We can survive on dusty, polluted air. Don't have problem with adulterated foods. That's how powerful we are. Now KNEEL.

  • Rahamat Ullah Official

    Rahamat Ullah Official

     7 days ago

    thanks bro for presenting our lover country Bangladesh

  • Murad Chowdhary

    Murad Chowdhary

     7 days ago

    Love our country Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩