♪ CUPHEAD SONG - Don't Deal With The Devil Animation

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  • Animated music video about the video game "Cuphead"
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    Video Game Musicals #60: CUPHEAD THE MUSICAL
    Cuphead & Mugman do a song and dance to help pay off their debts after livin' large at the Devil's Casino.

    ►Lyrics, Vocals, Instruments & Animation by Logan Hugueny-Clark

    Born on Inkwell Isle,
    Two kids raised by an old Kettle.
    Gambling lifestyle,
    Too deep, we got debts to settle.

    Thought we could win -thought we could win,
    -Wanted to own the whole casino.
    Devil dealt our sins,
    He jacked up the stakes, my mistake,
    I bet away our souls, then I rolled two snakes.

    Woah, woah.
    I could hear Mugman cry as I rolled two snake eyes.
    But he’ll let us go if we collect his souls.
    Kettle gave us potion for a magic motion.
    Then we hit the tracks, we’re ready to attack and scrap.

    Started stacking the contracts,
    For souls that the Devil owned, we ventured far from home.
    With a finger blast attack,
    We wasted some vegetables, it was a spectacle.

    Two boxing frogs -two boxing frogs,
    -Tried to pound us but we trampled them.
    Then we crawled through logs,
    Used a fireball to fight a bee,
    As we did a little dance on top of trees.

    Woah, woah.
    Grumpy, bright pink ghosts make mean terrible hosts.
    Wallop cupcake castle, what a sticky hassle.
    Make a stop at Porkrind’s, see what goods we can find.
    Situation’s insane, we resorted to planes.

    Cuphead and I swimming in some trouble,
    Winning all the dough ’til down he doubled.
    It’s hard to quit when you’re ahead,
    My brother made the bet and now we’re dead.
    Devil and King Dice are a couple of jerks,
    Held our souls while they made us work.
    Collected contracts that were in debt,
    Return to fight the king, off with his head.

    Woah, woah.
    We had to move fast to kick King Dice’s a—.
    Then refused to give back the Devil his contracts.
    Tore him a new corn hole, so he let us go.
    Threw the contracts in the fire, now they’re all expired.

    (c) LHUGUENY 2017
  • Source: https://youtu.be/u1Opy8Kf6C0