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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 19, 2019
  • In our latest WTF series, we take a look at some of our favorite stars and filmmakers who have seemingly disappeared or altered their careers over the years to the point that begs the question; WTF happened? Now, before you think we're just picking on celebrities or running some gossip rag stuff, think again! We take a fun (and sometimes funny), researched and fair approach, looking at all angles that led our subject to wherever they are now (which isn't necessarily a bad place at all). If anything, it answers the question on where these fine folks went, how they got there and where you can find 'em now.

    Our first entry in the series focuses on the beloved Brendan Fraser, who has seen a wild ride of ups and downs throughout his career and we shed some light on how that all went down. You may very well be surprised at his journey.

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  • Paul Rice

    Paul Rice

     12 hours ago

    Rich people 🤑 become drunks 🥴 with to much money 💰 and to much time on their hands drugs and alcohol 🍷 are their best friend

  • Adam Rutter

    Adam Rutter

     13 hours ago

    Brendan Fraser is amazing. God bless him and his family. He rocks and made my childhood great. I am very thankful for every movie and show he worked with.

  • supergrendel


     14 hours ago


  • Jelena Hrvacanin

    Jelena Hrvacanin

     14 hours ago

    Love him no matter what, we all have up’s and down’s! 😍❤️❤️❤️

  • skulay


     14 hours ago

    Brendan Fraser got divorced and his wife destroyed him. Poor guy. Also Hollywood is cruel place and destroy a good person.

  • Anthony Gallad

    Anthony Gallad

     15 hours ago

    He is an awesome actor and a super dad, enough said.

  • Dennis Kara

    Dennis Kara

     16 hours ago +1

    Man i´d loved to see him as superman!

  • krisher1979


     18 hours ago

    I also loved him in Mrs Winterbourne which wasn't mentioned here.

  • 8 bit Romania

    8 bit Romania

     20 hours ago

    the guy was abused / raped, nobody gives a damn about groping

  • Potrvlb


     21 hours ago

    Nobody better ever mess with Brendan Fraser! I love that man! His movies, every one of them, KICK ASS in a way that only Brendan can kick serious ass! That guy is also my kids hero, holy crap, they were raised on his movies! Brendan Fraser is a hero and I’m a great dad for taking all 4 of my kiddos to the movies then also renting all those DVD’s so we could spend hours watching his GREAT movies. Man, this is a win win for all of us!

  • ElNo's World

    ElNo's World

     23 hours ago

    I'm not looking for a hero because everything I've ever searched for was always right here within me and even in the word the evidence is clear
    I am my own HER❣️🎱
    It didn't for me and I've heard a lot of stories about famous people who have the same reality check. People don't band together anymore they're divided and they believe that help should come from someone but apparently they don't see themselves as being one of sum
    I'm not really too focused on what is going to happen as opposed to all that I've learned all that I've experienced and all that I'm grateful for I'm not going to focus on what could be what should have been because everything has happened for my highest good I didn't get here without playing a part in my own life and my own demise. There were things I didn't want to admit believe face or do and as a result I wasn't prepared even though I knew... Not just because I'm a psychic or highly hypersensitive and intuitive because we all have that capacity because I wasn't able or willing to accept reality of my own story and situation in order for me to write a new blockbuster I would have to finish the books and close them pack them up and give them to someone who couldn't afford otherwise to read this story
    And that's exactly what it is these aren't chapters they are books they are volumes of a life that no longer exist in an individual who will be remembered for someone that they aren't any longer I haven't been changed I've been liberated from acting out all of these characters who I never was and never will be but those pages have been written and they will be timeless and for some they will bring them to life in their own production Will I march on into the future and to undiscovered dimensions of myself and who knows what I will become that I'm already because I can't see around the bend just yet
    All I know is I'm still here and I matter

    If these posts make you feel bad the best advice I can give you is to actually allow yourself to feel acknowledge whatever comes through and rather than judging or attacking take a moment to be grateful fortheir relationship you have built with yourself and the things that you are proud of that you have accomplished. But don't get too fixated on that because you're not done yet. Wouldn't come here to play small. We came here to do great things because we are great. Sometimes greatness is thrust upon us like Shakespeare once said and we have a hard time digesting that knowledge. It might take you a while so be gentle with yourself and always try to be the best version of yourself rather than competing with someone else. Be wise enough not to compare others to people in the same arena. Each of us is unique and beautiful as we are. if you find that you're trying to turn someone into something that they're not please stop yourself. Don't remember people for who they were remember them for how they made you feel particularly when you needed a friend. Even if that friend isn't someone that you met personally and you only saw them on the silver screen. Because they contributed to your life in a way that someone closest to you may not have ever been able to. And they should be remembered for that not for the things that made you feel bad. Don't be afraid to rip open your shirt and show your superpower and you'll know it because the stamp is right over that organ that emits a blinding love that is otherworldly when it isn't attached to an outcome or an individual or reserved for exclusive individuals. We come here to give of ourselves we're not seeking love we're seeking a safe place to make that deposit but how can we if we ourselves cannot be trusted or we do not feel safe within ourselves if all we do is live our lives and fear of what could happen and we try to distance ourselves from any person place or scenario that could possibly creep into our reality as if it were contagious. It's not. but we shouldn't lose our humanity by being inhumane and we should always remember that that's why we're here

  • ElNo's World

    ElNo's World

     23 hours ago

    that's how the Lyft and Uber platform works and then of course there were scenarios where there was no rating on a platform and people would put me to the test constantly and still do You're not human anymore You're this thing. What can you tell me about me Is the infamous question upon meeting someone who discovers your psychic
    And when reality sets in and you tell them I've lived in my car for the last 3 years because the man I care of cancer was addicted to sex He was a narcissist and after 22 hours of abuse traveling across several state lines deposited me like trash at a gas station. I would suffer from CPTSD go into a domestic violence shelter be berated with paperwork for the first three days so they could collect all the money that was available to them through certain programs. And after less than a month and starving me and my son because they refused to modify their menu and we don't eat the standard American diet I was discarded onto the street in the middle of the winter. I would have to find a place for my son to go who was still a teenager and both of us were traumatized after trauma after trauma. my son is now 20 and a half at the time he was 16 and he's a gay young man who had his own set of discriminations because in the world of domestic violence they're there to protect the mother and child and they'll try to do that when a person has a different sexual orientation. There's a stigma attached and unfortunately because of his age and his sexual orientation he was a potential sexual offender without even having so much given him the opportunity to be the child he was and to heal from the traumas that he had been through after being sexually molested by his father and attacked by my ex who couldn't accept his own sexual orientation and was very conflicted about his own sexual preference. It was like a smorgasbord because for the first time in his life not only did he have a chance to be reborn. I think he believed that now that he lost 70 lb all his tattoos were vibrant as opposed to 30 years prior his hair color went back to its original including his beard his teeth were wider and he was 70 lb lighter minus prostate cancer. He was on every dating network chasing after his female coworkers locally and abroad. on several dating networks still chasing after his wife who left him after being married for 24 years and having six children together and raising nine well almost. There were three left I was a big thing for man at 48 years of age you might say it was a midlife crisis but there was a lot behind the curtain that people didn't know and this whole life was a show like most of us. there was opiate addictions alcoholism sexual abuse early on in life to failed marriages and a lot of feelings around inadequacy. He was a narcissist and he was created by the reaction he would have to the traumas he experienced in his lifetime and I dare to say even prior the things he brought in to this life the things that belonged to his ancestors and even the stories carried forward that were handed to him as scripts of life by his mother and father and those who were closely related. After he kicked alcoholism I recall standing in the kitchen and hearing his sister tell him that he just wasn't any fun anymore. up until that point he was the life of the party and they expected him to be the moment he wasn't there for them didn't show up and it wasn't all about making them feel good including his nine children he started to suffer the same thing only on a much smaller scale either way it was still devastating and the person that turned everything around for him or the person that had to wear the donkey tail in the game was me. I was that person that created this problem for this group of people and now I had to be erased. They forgot about all the good things actually they didn't even care because it was never about him or his children it was about them. We get caught up in these pseudo relationships that are not mutually beneficial and some of those are very closely related to us and we wholeheartedly believe and breathe life into something that isn't even real and then we nurture it and we protect it because we don't want that illusion stolen from us because right now it feels so good it's probably like a needle with heroin I wouldn't personally know but I want enough movies and also happened to know a few people who ended up turning to drugs because life was just too painful that they wanted to numb themselves and there wasn't anything strong enough like his ex-wife who ended up becoming a heroine and meth addict. Adding insult to injury he turned all of his children against their mother and now she and I shared something in common we were both yesterday's news our 15 minutes of fame was over and we were trash because we were spent and we didn't have a purpose in his life any longer. So he deposited me out of gas station I tried for the first six months to get my life back to some sense of normalcy and three years flash forward I'm still living in my car in Indian trail Walmart parking lot a lots happened since that day. But it hasn't changed in my life for the better. And if you don't make people feel like they want to feel they're going to give you a really low rating they might even file a complaint and they'll show you because they're money is king and you're just a paid actor or actress and if you don't perform you're going to get blacklisted. Doesn't matter what you did they can't even remember how you made them feel in the beginning because you ruined their moment and that's all they can remember now You're not their favorite drug any longer. I work every single day physically and spiritually I give back but it's not the gift that keeps giving it's just the one that keeps taking. I've had people from different faiths and religions and spiritualities leave me right where they found me never so much as offering me a shower a warm place to rest my head at night where I didn't have to curl up in the chair that I drive in everyday for the last 3 and 1/2 years or even a shower to cleanse my body or place to wash my clothes. But they'll offer me spiritual advice and they want to talk to me about how I can improve my relationship with God they also want to discuss what I could do different to be better in my own life as if I wasn't good enough and yet it's all kind of ridiculous because these people are not experts and they haven't figured out for themselves but they want to fix you they want to heal you by giving you something they think you couldn't acquire without their help and yet they have not a damn thing that I want. Nor do they have anything that I need. I don't envy their lives and I can see right through them they're no different than anybody else they're just pretending and like my ex they're faking it until they make it but they're not aware that there's no such thing it's only fake it until you break it because anything that's in authentic doesn't actually exist it's just an illusion and eventually it will be broken and you and it will be together until you get your dust bucket and your broom sweep up all the little pieces of your shattered world and masks that you used to wear your false beliefs and even your feelings and heart cleaning them up standing back up on your feet dusting yourself off and then ripping your shirt open and showing that s that marks your superpower. And proudly but humbly making your way through the crowd at the mosh pit.
    After about a year and a half of living this way and all the despair and darkness I ended up with breast cancer and lung cancer. I healed that too I didn't silently and I did it in between working and trying to stay afloat and that's all that I've been able to accomplish because as we speak I have about $50 and we all know that that's not enough in today's day and age to even get a hotel room. But I am grateful because I will wake up in a few hours and it's 4:15 a.m. now and march my little butt right down to Starbucks and shell out $3 for a cup of coffee to warm my weary sou in cold body while w h i l e I rock my flip-flops in 30 degree weather and what feels like blizzard wind conditions. Eventually I'll muster up enough courage to go to the local truck stop where they don't seem to use heat in the bathroom and climb into an ice-cold shower to cleanse my body then to the laundromat to wash the clothes I just took off my blanket and my homemade pillow and get back out here to earn a couple more dollars so that when I wake up tomorrow I can do it all over again.

    And of course depending on the person reading these comments the conclusion is going to be different for each individual. Some people will be very angry because they didn't feel good reading this or knowing that this kind of stuff is really happening in the world and how dare I bring them some sadness in a world where people want to be numb and do a pretty good job of it until someone like me comes along and throws a wrench in it.

    But I'm not looking for sympathy and I don't expect anyone to March forward on a white horse wearing a suit of armor I already know that's only things you see in Hollywood And I also know that someone is paying that actor a lot of money to pretend to be somebody they're not

    so there's no danger of me suffering from any illusions.

  • Aeternum


     23 hours ago

    Love him no matter what

  • ElNo's World

    ElNo's World

     23 hours ago

    People don't want to hear about other people's misfortunes if they can't emotionally handle the truth and most people can't even Steve Austin from wrestling said you can't handle the truth or was that triple h doesn't really matter cuz it's true The moment you make them feel anything but good inside make them forget their problems for 5 seconds they're going to swarm you like a school of piranha
    Sad truth is they never cared about you
    They cared about what you could do for them and they didn't care what that cost you or where it left you even if as a result you became bankrupt mentally emotionally physically and financially
    And they would leave you there like you were trash yesterday's novelty that the appreciated at a rapid rate and everything you ever contributed all of the value that you acquired through hard work and effort and excellence would be discarded with you
    It doesn't matter who you are what you've achieved what you've contributed
    You're only as good as your last success and even that's fleeting
    How do I know?
    And be ready to be hateful
    Because the moment you tell the truth you find out that everyone in the room was never your friend
    You were like that American Express card that just got canceled
    You're not the life of the party You're a killjoy and a bummer and now you're off the Christmas list the a-list the red carpet no more Oscars for you
    I'm a 51 year old woman my life was not as glamorous and of course neither was his but they built him up to be something that he worked so hard to be and that was a character one that could fit in many roles and don't we all even though we don't receive the notoriety or the fame that these individuals do. But we share that in common because once you've served your purpose in a person's life or an industry it becomes this codependent narcissistic evident dynamic which becomes exposed and makes people itch it makes them cringe and makes them run it makes them attack you because they can't handle the intensity of reality and that things were not what they thought and that's just unfathomable no one likes that makes you feel like crap and that's why they come after you because you were responsible for their joy and happiness for making them feel good you were that addiction that obsession and now you took all that away from them by telling the truth by getting real and now they're going to bury you before you're even dead and no one's going to mourn your death except you
    I asked a question earlier on in my comment how do I know?
    I've helped you emphysema COPD reduce the mass that was inoperable and friends lungs helped a man heal from prostate cancer cured my own lung and breast cancer contributed in some way to approximately 8,000 individuals lives whether it be mental emotional spiritual physical financial or even career advice using the gifts that I came into this world to share as fruit from a tree
    just like Brandon and anyone who's ever contributed to others' lives and made that their priority I would get anywhere from one to five stars because

  • Simona S.

    Simona S.


    Brendan Fraser may not be on our screens anymore but we still love and respect him! I loved a lot of movies he starred in

  • Jay Monty

    Jay Monty


    I heard he was working at a Starbucks in Canada!

  • Teri



    Thank you for being kind towards Brendan Fraser in this video. I was skeptical prior to watching this but you did a great job! Thank you - Those of us that love Brendan Fraser, will always be his supporters through good times and bad.

  • Valeria Clinch

    Valeria Clinch


    Best actor ever, no matter what

  • Ramon Marin

    Ramon Marin


    La momia cuando van hacer esa película de la continuación de esa saga




    I almost didn't watch this cuz I didn't want to watch another video of someone shitting all over a guy that seems to be talented & very genuine. Society LOVES to find people sitting back on their feet, trying to take a breather or, God forbid, spend time with his kids! How many actors find themselves pigeon-holed by a very popular movie character & simply rearrange the script & have the actor booked for the rest of their career. I don't know any actor that has ONLY been in huge box office giants & Brendan hasn't allowed that by choosing some odd roles but seldom, except in Encino Man, do we see Mr. Fraser doing THAT character over & over again. It was a great movie & a very specific character that wouldn't fit in many other projects. I am so glad I didn't listen to one of the voices in my head and not watch this really honest, fair, insightful story of where one of the good guys has been. Thank you!