"K-9 III" Best Husky Coat Deshedder! - Husky Coat Blow Out

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/tZBh_dAt-t4


  • WeCrackAllGames


     11 months ago +1480

    "But I think its worth it. I have 3 " inhales " but I think its worth it but I think ... ah... it. I have 2... I have 3 dogs."
    ~Taras 2018

  • DrunkMarksman


     a years ago +954

    9:22 When you realize you spent $500 on a thing that moves air.



     a years ago +1156

    Cazyrussian.exe has stopped responding

  • Emma Pitcherd

    Emma Pitcherd

     4 months ago +204

    I have hair in my mouth just from watching this video

  • Dalton Hill

    Dalton Hill

     a years ago +5326

    “So I have 3 dogs. So I have 3 dogs. So I have 3 dogs. So I have 3 dogs.” Love you Taras😂

  • Jan Willem de Geest

    Jan Willem de Geest

     9 months ago +570

    Wow your local birds are gonna build some really warm nests with all that fur

  • Pyrex HQ

    Pyrex HQ

     a years ago +566

    You will see the best editing skills right here 9:31- 10:10

  • Dylan See

    Dylan See

     a years ago +655

    9:25 has war flashback

  • legsune miku

    legsune miku

     a years ago +404

    I have 3...
    I have 3... dogs
    Now i have 3.. Likes

  • Micah Philson

    Micah Philson

     a years ago +2516

    Looks like the dog seeds spread pretty well over the ground. You should be able to grow plenty of doggos next year!

  • HellSTORM_Empire


     11 months ago +409

    10:33 Close your eyes for 3 seconds

  • Aida M

    Aida M

     5 months ago +122

    He just blew half of his dog away

  • Diddlez505


     11 months ago +206

    9:20 Crazy Russian hacker got hacked

  • Trix_310


     4 months ago +88

    9:23 i think he started to regret buying it 😂😂😂😂

  • Nicklas Högström

    Nicklas Högström

     a years ago +1016

    I love when he leaves the fails😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Matthew De Vuono

    Matthew De Vuono

     9 months ago +77

    Owner: How much hair would you like removed?

  • Harkamal Saran

    Harkamal Saran

     a years ago +139

    9:23 Taras.exe has stopped working

  • DarkGiorgio0


     a years ago +102


  • Retro GOD

    Retro GOD

     a years ago +374

    This blower will actually cover Taras with Husky Coat.. making him a 4th.

  • Ishmam Taaha Sattar

    Ishmam Taaha Sattar

     11 months ago +141

    9:20 - 10:10 this are the best thing about your videos. Love u taras