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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 3, 2017
  • Animated music video about the video game "CALL OF DUTY: WWII"►SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL→ https://www.thvideos.net/user/lhugueny ANIMATED SONGS ABOUT VIDEO GAMES→ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...►DOWNLOAD SONG→ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cal...►TWITTER→ https://twitter.com/#!/MovieMusicals►FACEBOOK→ http://www.facebook.com/MovieMusicals►INSTAGRAM→ http://instagram.com/lhugueny►ANIMATION CHANNEL→ https://www.youtube.com/lhuguenyVideo Game Musicals #62: CALL OF DUTY WW2 THE MUSICAL"Red" Daniels fights to liberate Europe from evil as he sings with his pals Zussman, Turner, Rousseau and drunk Pierson.►Lyrics, Vocals, Instruments & Animation by Logan Hugueny-Clark https://www.youtube.com/lhugueny►Rousseau Vocals by Whitney Di Stefano https://twitter.com/WDi_40-------LYRICS-------Aww yeah yeah, aww yeah yeah yeah yeahBeach day in the summer here in Normandy, Zussman’s stabbed in the stomach, drag him to safety.Intercept a train outside of Marigny,A French chick named Rousseau, she saves our lives.With Resistance troops we stormed the gates,So that Paris we could liberate.Then we drank champagne,Ease the pain.Cause N * zis make me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe,For five years,Death we feared.Cause N * zis make me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe,But we’re here,Shedding tears.Aww yeah yeah, aww yeah yeah yeah yeahTwo months later we break into Germany, Outside a hotel a civilian’s killed.On the top of a hill Turner makes a sacrifice,Battle through the snow towards the Rhine.Zussman gets captured by German troops,Take his butt away like J * wish loot.But I won’t give up fast,Save his a**.Those N * zis make me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe,For five years,Death we feared.Cause N * zis make me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe,But we’re here,Shedding tears.N * zi scum killed my son,Shed their blood til the war is won.Infiltrate in the name of France,Stab the neck, vive la résistance.Ohh woah woah woah,Yeah, yeah, yeah,I won’t go home to my wife,Until I save Zussman’s life.Those N * zis made me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe,Until now,Should feel proud.(c) LHUGUENY 2017
  • Source: https://youtu.be/tNzN6_BSRKU




     a years ago +3613

    Hit the LIKE button if you want me to make a Call of Duty: WWII Zombies animated song 👍 💀

  • Shaggy 404

    Shaggy 404

     a years ago +1007

    My boi turner died
    1 like = 1 medal for bravery

  • I’m an Aussie Lazer

    I’m an Aussie Lazer

     11 months ago +644

    1 like =1 pray for turner and Russo’s son

  • The American Mapper

    The American Mapper

     4 months ago +103

    1like= 1 Medal of Honor for Turner and Zussman's brother.

  • Samantha Ortiz

    Samantha Ortiz

     9 months ago +252

    One like for Turner I was also crying

  • Mr. ShadowOne

    Mr. ShadowOne

     2 months ago +99

    Turner said
    no sacrifice to great
    1 like 1 respect

  • Shaun Ryan

    Shaun Ryan

     4 months ago +77

    R.I.P. Soap and Turner
    (Remember soap)

  • creepy creaper

    creepy creaper

     7 months ago +85

    1like if you think turner is a good man 😭so happy zusman is alive 😀

  • Brian Arteaga

    Brian Arteaga

     a years ago +158

    Rest in peace turner legends never dies

  • AsnBlox


     4 months ago +154

    Germany: We have a strong army
    Russia: We have winter
    Germany left the game

  • The one And only

    The one And only

     a years ago +784

    Turner was a good man i almost cried when he died 1 like=1 medal for bravery

  • CrazyAlaskanCoDShot


     11 months ago +204

    Turner's death was so sad...

  • ILike Bacon

    ILike Bacon

     2 months ago +56

    90% About Turner dying
    5% About WW2
    4% About the video
    1% Other

  • jigsaw voorhees

    jigsaw voorhees

     1 months ago +34

    My grandpa gave me his ww2 helmet from battle of the bulge rip grandpa

  • War Thunderer

    War Thunderer

     4 months ago +68

    rip turner

  • ARC-5555 Fives

    ARC-5555 Fives

     17 hours ago +1

    Puts on a ww2 uniform
    This dosent Feel like clone armor!

  • TiredBoi ツ

    TiredBoi ツ

     a years ago +74

    Orginial song: Locked out of heaven

  • I like turtles

    I like turtles

     6 months ago +10

    And we drank Champagne
    as we got invaded

  • Greninjia


     4 months ago +24

    AIELO sadly was left out
    this is due to him being totally irrelevant
    1 like = 1 more way for Aielo to be relevant

  • CallOfDuty:WW2 Breener Boss

    CallOfDuty:WW2 Breener Boss

     a years ago +103

    1 like = that pierson can stop getting drunk!