MLB: Caught Cheating

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 20, 2018
  • MLB: Caught Cheating

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  • James Baucom

    James Baucom

     3 hours ago

    Ain't no way sabo knew the bat he had just been given was quarked

  • im a clown

    im a clown

     13 hours ago +1

    and now the Astros

  • Lee Madaus

    Lee Madaus

     21 hours ago


  • Steve from Yellowstone

    Steve from Yellowstone

     22 hours ago

    The people who think a corked bat helps the swing must have skipped physics class lmaaaao It does literally the opposite smh

  • Grady Martin

    Grady Martin


    sabo was ejected because he is a cheat....fudge all of these over paid asswipes

  • Grady Martin

    Grady Martin


    nothing like over paid talking heads trying justify these asshole players...fudge the mlb

  • gr8filibuster



    Houston Astros brought me here.

  • Derek



    Update this and add Astros

  • TheUncoordinatedWhiteGuys


     yesterday +13

    Funny that this gets recommended after what’s come out about the Astros 😂

  • TrinkaD


     yesterday +2

    Seems to me, if Sabo knew it was corked, he would've replaced as soon as he suspected it had broken.

  • ajcaveable



    At 9:35, the chap smoking on the far left is actor Paul Giamatti. His dad is A. Bartlett Giamatti, the baseball commissioner in the trench coat.

  • Jonathan Booth

    Jonathan Booth

     2 days ago

    What is the significance of cork in the bat?

  • james fiaco

    james fiaco

     3 days ago

    Just because the batboy brought the bat. Does not mean he wasn't in on the deal prior far enough in advance to make sure the hitter got the baseball bat that was rigged

  • KesselRunHero


     3 days ago

    cheating is a big part of baseball- its part of what makes it fun- the quirky characters trying to get one over.

  • Robert Bass

    Robert Bass

     4 days ago

    Corked bats are lighter in weight reducing hitting power. The Mythbusters tested this and found that the ball leaves a corked bat at half the speed as it does from a regulation bat. The cork absorbs some of the energy which reduces the bats' effectivness. Really MLB's concern for corked bats is much ado about nothing...

  • djjazzyjeff123


     4 days ago +1

    Sabo got caught cheating by accident. Classic.

  • Phantom


     4 days ago +2

    You should use OBS that doesn’t have a watermark and also it is more better in quality

  • Sals Furniture

    Sals Furniture

     6 days ago

    Donald John Trump says “this bat is a plant. What Democrat can I throw in jail for giving me this bat?!”

  • Spyke0511 1

    Spyke0511 1

     6 days ago

    Pretty sure the Sabotage deal was a “fun bat” type of deal that was supposed to be used for batting practice... Oops, never mind, they just got to that. Not sure if that ended up being the real story.

  • jatkins47


     7 days ago +2

    Maybe if these guys were fined a half a year’s salary this crap would end.