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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • Women in Saudi Arabia finally get to take their place behind the wheel.
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    In this episode of NowThis World, Alex Janin explores what was the last ban on women driving in the world, as she speaks to a human rights campaigner and a Saudi lawyer and entrepreneur - who recently got her own license - about how this move affects women, and whether more reforms are on the horizon.

    A lot of people are handing the credit to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been hailed by prominent figures in Western Media as a reformer, emancipator of women, and more.

    But we wanted to know - does his track record live up to the praise?

    #SaudiArabia #DrivingBan

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  • Harry Aucott

    Harry Aucott

     6 months ago

    The Saudi Arabian Prince is trying to look good, did you know his uncle was against him so he had him killed.

  • Harry Aucott

    Harry Aucott

     6 months ago

    The Saudi Arabian Prince gave them the rights, women didn’t protest 😂

  • سلمان فيصل

    سلمان فيصل

     6 months ago

    Welcome to The 21st Century You Uncivilized Jihadists And Pedophiles.

  • Ando Varghese

    Ando Varghese

     6 months ago

    If you're running out of oil then you have no choice other than to reform

  • hepsabaptron00


     11 months ago

    No doubt others will disagree but I think it is pathetic these women are happy and thankful they are allowed to drive. Seriously that backward country needs to do a f*ckload more than allow women to drive! Yeesh!

  • TheXDatabase


     a years ago

    the new eurabia will pick up the law

  • Rory Gray

    Rory Gray

     a years ago

    Interview video strength us warm various door smart idea.

  • Cat Lis

    Cat Lis

     a years ago

    Maybe it's too little too late, but better late than never. If this guy can do for Saudis what Pope Francis is doing for Catholic doctrine, it'd say it's going to be better than not.

  • MegaMementoMori


     a years ago

    Weak liberals, Allah will punish you for this blasphemy after most of Saudi population will die in car accidents :)

  • Mercer Gaming

    Mercer Gaming

     a years ago

    What real feminist looks like

  • D7o0omyGamer


     a years ago

    There is a little amount of womans have drive

    21k driving student in dammam
    67 woman have passed the driving test just 67 woman

  • Michaela Carocci

    Michaela Carocci

     a years ago

    Guardianship be gone please!😘👀

  • K M

    K M

     a years ago

    Why would any man want to live in a society that required woman to ask men for permission to do anything? Men barely even want their significant others to talk to them sometimes.

  • Manjeet Singh

    Manjeet Singh

     a years ago

    Wow wat an achievement 😁😁😁

  • 100domathon


     a years ago

    Speaking well of Saudi Arabia but making an entire series to talk only badly of Russia? A little biased much?

  • jaime bonilla

    jaime bonilla

     a years ago

    Do a video of el salvador and there rising dictatorship , over the last months , government institutions have cancel , and tried to keep out Nayib Bukele , a politician who is highly loved by the Salvadoran people and the international community.

  • Donovan Fausette

    Donovan Fausette

     a years ago

    T E S T T U B E

  • Jinjiyoshi


     a years ago +1

    Janin has an odd vibe coming off her. She's oddly Hypnotic..

  • HK


     a years ago +1

    This is a propaganda channel, im not talking about this video but in general

  • D'Brickashaw


     a years ago +1

    Hey..hey .hey..its Wednesday..and I don't see the Russia desk video....Are you running out of lies or what?