♪ STRANGER THINGS 2 SONG - Parody Music Video

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 19, 2017
  • An '80s-inspired music video summary of Stranger Things 2►STRANGER THING SEASON 1 SONG→ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...►SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL→ https://www.thvideos.net/user/lhugueny https://twitter.com/#!/MovieMusicals►INSTAGRAM→ http://instagram.com/lhugueny►FACEBOOK→ http://www.facebook.com/MovieMusicals►ANIMATION CHANNEL→ https://www.youtube.com/lhugueny►VLOG CHANNEL→ https://www.youtube.com/lhuguenytwoScript, Song, Vocals by Lhugueny & WDi_40LYRICS:(VERSE 1)There’s a new girl in town,Whom Dustin and Lucas found,Mike don’t like her, meanwhile Will’s having PTSD.Winona’s unhappy,She’s got a new man, but worries ‘bout her son.El lives at Hopper’s place,She hides, she can’t show her face.Steve is bummed, that Nancy is sharing pull-outs with Jon.Dustin makes a new friend,Thinks it’s a pollywog, until it eats his cat.(CHORUS)Oh here it comes,Don’t stop Will, it will possess you.Oh here they come,Deadly Demadogs.Oh here it comes,Don’t stop Will, it will possess you.Oh here they come,Deadly Demadogs.(VERSE 2)No longer cooped away,Eleven has run away,She meets her mom, who sends her to look for number 8.8’s like a sister,Teams up with some freaks, out to seek revenge.Locked up in Hawkins Lab,Will, he starts going mad.Overrun, Demadogs kill Bob, he took Barbara’s place.The others escape home,They learn Will’s possessed, so they devise a plan.(CHORUS)Oh here it comes,Don’t stop Will, it will possess you.Oh here they come,Deadly Demadogs.Oh here it comes,Don’t stop Will, it will possess you.Oh here they come,Deadly Demadogs.(BRIDGE)Eleven must close the gate,While Steve and the kids are bait,The monster must be burnt outOf Will while he screams and shouts.Steve, gets his ass kicked,By Max’s brother.After El made everything okay,She kissed Mike at the Snowball, danced the night away.(CHORUS)Oh here it comes,Looming right over the ball,Oh here it comes,Octoleg monster.Oh here it comes,Looks just like a xenomorph,Oh here it comes,Octoleg monster.(c) 2017 LHUGUENY
  • Source: https://youtu.be/t86lk_XiePc


  • Perdue games And blogs

    Perdue games And blogs

     a years ago +53

    I feel bad for the cat 😭😢

  • Universe Meat9798

    Universe Meat9798

     a years ago +39

    The part with the monster in the sky looked like the squid monster from shadows of evil

  • BrickHeroProductions


     a years ago +46

    Stranger Things
    Episode 1 The Vanishing of Will Byers
    Episode 2 The Werido on Maple Street
    Episode 3 Holly Jolly
    Episode 4 The Body
    Episode 5 The Flea and the Acrobat
    Episode 6 The Monster
    Episode 7 The Bathtub
    Episode 8 The Upside Down
    Episode 9 MadMax
    Episode 10 Trick or Treat Freak
    Episode 11 The Pollywog
    Episode 12 Will the Wise
    Episode 13 Dig Dug
    Episode 14 The Spy
    Episode 15 The Lost Sister
    Episode 16 The Mind Flayer
    Episode 17 The Gate

  • King Crimson

    King Crimson

     a years ago +33

    Eleven still a braniac?

  • khadim Cisse

    khadim Cisse

     4 months ago +14

    Season 3 is almost coming you should do a song about it

  • Yaoi_Trash


     a years ago +8

    THIS IS SO GOOD i prefer the First one better buts thats does not mean i cant listen to this all the time MAKE MORE PLS

  • Spooky Boi

    Spooky Boi

     1 months ago +6

    Now stranger things season 3 musical!

  • ICON2873 BALOT

    ICON2873 BALOT

     a years ago +125

    Who likes stranger things I love it like if u agree

  • Victorans XD

    Victorans XD

     a years ago +87


  • Martin Lin

    Martin Lin

     a years ago +3

    This is the Bomb XD

  • Steve Joseph

    Steve Joseph

     a years ago +4

    Catchy AF

  • Random Fan

    Random Fan

     a years ago +4

    This is INCREDIBLE! I don't know why I'm surprised since this is from you.

  • SmashGamer2019


     a years ago +2

    Really good, came out really fast in my opinion

  • Insanity FN

    Insanity FN

     a years ago +1

    Early squad is here. XD, also nice video!

  • Tyeden Gaming

    Tyeden Gaming

     a years ago +1

    Great song! Please make Call of Duty WWII the musical! You're so good, keep up the good work.

  • ubnub animations

    ubnub animations

     a years ago +2

    Yess I have been waiting for this!!!!!

  • Zero•Trixz


     a years ago +1

    People who created Stranger Things: Can't wait to write season 3
    Me: Ya but the 3rd FREAKING season is coming out in 2019!!!!!

  • toxic asshole

    toxic asshole

     a years ago +2

    Far cry 3 or 4 with I'm glad you came

  • Concepcion Solis

    Concepcion Solis

     6 months ago +2

    O alo mejor el diablo invoco al moustro

  • SkroaTek [ Yann ]

    SkroaTek [ Yann ]

     a years ago +1

    I prefer the 1st stranger things's remix but this is great too ^^