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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 24, 2019
  • A non-violent freedom fighter? A war crimes apologist? Or is she something in between? Aung San Suu Kyi’s decades-long, non-violent struggle for democracy made her a hero around the world. But once appointed to office, many say her leadership, has been disappointing.
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    Born on June 19th, 1945, in what was then Rangoon, Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi was destined to be defiant from the start.

    Her father was none other than Aung San -- the former military general who negotiated Burma’s independence from the British in 1947. He became known as a national hero, and the founder of modern-day Myanmar, which was then known as Burma.

    But in 1947, when Suu Kyi was just 2 years old, everything changed. Her father was assassinated by a rival politician.

    She went on to graduate from high school in 1964, and then studied with the global elite at Oxford University. There she met her to-be husband. Years later they settled in the United Kingdom, where they had two sons.

    During this time, Suu Kyi continued to watch as her country was sinking further into dictatorship.

    After nationwide protests against the one-party rule and the military dictatorship culminated in what later became known as the 8/8/88 Uprising protesters were in search of a leader. They looked to the then 43-year-old Suu Kyi to fill the shoes of her father -- as a fighter for Burmese democracy.

    And that’s exactly what she did.

    But what was her journey to leadership and what would she do once she achieved her goal? And what would her leadership mean for the Rohingya in Rakhine state and the alleged ethnic cleansing was taking place in Myanmar?

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  • bishop51807


     22 hours ago

    The military still holds power in Burma/Myanmar. she could be saying what she is saying, so they won't shoot in the face.

  • Grecko Rosales

    Grecko Rosales

     7 days ago

    English Grade 8?

  • Zoltan Csikos

    Zoltan Csikos

     1 months ago

    “Fall” LoL

  • Nicole


     1 months ago

    Here in myanmar, it's seen that one party won and has become the government by the entire world. The truth is that the former military government is always behind the country's every crisis, starting from economic troubles to ethical problems, civil wars. But the world sees that the present NLD government has the responsibility. How sad it is, one woman had to let go of her life and took risk for her country but the world views her as a villain.

  • bangle tiger

    bangle tiger

     1 months ago

    this prostitiute will understand when bangladesh trainng and provinding arms to rohinga. russia can handale chechen just 2 million peoples how how ur pig country will handale .

  • Onlin Me

    Onlin Me

     1 months ago

    1. It took her decades (and in captivity) to get a free and fair election in the country. Expecting her to solve Rohingya issue right away is not correct. It does take time.
    2. Rakhinae muslims peacefully coexit with the Burmese, unlike Rohingya.
    3. They are Bengalis, migrants from India/Bangladesh. why cant these 2 countries take them back, rather than forcing them on Burmese?
    4. Bangladesh quarentines them onto seperate island, this shows how much problamatic these ppl are
    5. Why can't rich Islamic countries offer asylum to them?

  • NathaPushpa de Silva

    NathaPushpa de Silva

     1 months ago

    Burma is only for Burmese but not for illegal immigrants from neighboring countries mainly from Bangladesh.

  • yangzhi333


     1 months ago

    What do they expect her to do? She is the de facto leader but the military can take back the power any time. She cannot afford to offend them. She is looking at the larger picture and putting her people's (ethnic burmese) interests first.

  • spaghetti meatballs

    spaghetti meatballs

     1 months ago

    We love our mother Aung San Suu Kyi! :)



     1 months ago


  • Ashutosh Mahajan

    Ashutosh Mahajan

     1 months ago

    Rohingyas are TERRORISTS, not only in Myanmar, but also in Bangladesh & India. They're rebels & islamically radicalised ! Don't misunderstand them as the victims please.

  • aaron dizor

    aaron dizor

     2 months ago

    The west and Europe fell under the spell of Islamic manipulation, especially the Labour Party in Europe, they don't care what will be the danger that looms ahead, provided they will be perpetuated to stay in power. As they are those who abet, collaborate and Connive to muslim immigrants in hordes to immigrate on different countries in Europe, giving them access on citizenship, priveledges on their host country, provided the voting Bloc of the Muslim community in Europe would rally behind the Labour Party in Europe. Actually, these are Political in nature, in order to continue their rule by the demagogue politicians, who does not actually cares about their country nor their culture but their perpetuation of grip of their power on the government. With the support of Petro dollars from Arab countries, who may support the backing of money or logistics as well as the voting Bloc of the Muslim communities. Those greedy politicians in Europe and in America would surely fall or be enchanted by this opportunity.

  • Tian Shi

    Tian Shi

     2 months ago

    I now her

  • Myo Thant Htoo

    Myo Thant Htoo

     2 months ago

    did u say "power hungry politician?" Oh wow... you're such a... :)

    rohingya,... minority which people would described as usual, the Burmese government wouldn't had to do anything if they were legally and peacefully living as the immigration laws are mentioned. They started out crazy thing and govenment crack them down; u called that genocide? oh my...

  • Aman Saraf

    Aman Saraf

     2 months ago

    This goes to show that power corrupts all no matter who the person is.
    We might even see Bashar al-Assad get nominated for nobel peace prize

  • Jane Alam

    Jane Alam

     2 months ago

    she is world big terrorist

  • Kaung khant ေကာင္းခန္႔ Kyaw ေက်ာ္

    Kaung khant ေကာင္းခန္႔ Kyaw ေက်ာ္

     2 months ago


  • Roy Normann Lee

    Roy Normann Lee

     2 months ago

    She is a war criminal genociding Kachin

  • Aung Kaung Htet

    Aung Kaung Htet

     2 months ago

    Myanmar is a still country partly under military and our government doesn’t have full authority to commend the military due to 2008 constitution. It was the military that did so-called ethnic cleansing , not the government and she tried and is still trying to help the refugees on both sides. U may see it was a human right violation but actually it was a side-effect Of 2008 constitution and the past of Myanmar . We all trying to amend the constitution and one day Myanmar will become a fully democratic nation.

  • Rifat Rahman khan

    Rifat Rahman khan

     2 months ago

    10:37 I like the way he said aung san su kei (dog) is his mother😂😂🤣🤣😆