The Legendary Dosa Man of NYC - Street Food Icons

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 4, 2019
  • Thiru Kumar, AKA the Dosa Man, has been running NY Dosas, a food cart in Greenwich Village's Washington Square Park, since 2001. His dosas-which are made from fermented rice and lentils, and stuffed with potatoes, vegetables and spicy sauces-have become an international phenomenon. Thiru grew up in Sri Lanka and learned to make South Indian recipes as a child. After he immigrated to the United States in the 90s, he made it his life's work to sell affordable, fresh and vegan dosas to NYU students, professors and other passerby's.Subscribe to Munchies here: Munchies videos release a full week early on our site: out for more!Follow Munchies here:Facebook: http://munchies.tumblr.comInstagram: videos from the VICE network:
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  • vishdroidrc


     4 months ago +13817

    This is the only vendor sold water bottles for a $1 during the 2005 NY blackout when other people sold water for 5× the regular. Salute to you sir. Proud Sri Lankan.

  • newmay


     2 months ago +2360

    “We keep you healthy, you keep me wealthy” I LOVE THAT

  • Bad Candy Lover

    Bad Candy Lover

     3 months ago +2264

    He is not lucky he is hard working

  • Mr. Roboto

    Mr. Roboto

     2 months ago +2600

    This guy has the best “y’knowhatimsayin?” Y’knowhatimsayin?

  • Nacho Diablo

    Nacho Diablo

     2 months ago +1046

    This man has found peace. You can see it in his eyes

  • TekTonix YT

    TekTonix YT

     3 months ago +1260

    Indians are saying he is Indian
    Srilankans are saying he is srilankan
    Americans are saying he is American.
    See how people take pride in saying he is from their Nation.
    You just have to do good, and everyone loves you & never do racism.
    BTW he is American now.. because he is in USA for more than 20+- years.

  • Scott Derrickson

    Scott Derrickson

     yesterday +40

    His accent goes from Indian to Brooklyn every other second

  • Seona Bembridge

    Seona Bembridge

     2 months ago +1027

    This guy has a Sri Lankan accent and a New Yorker accent at the same time
    lol follow my ig @se6na

  • இரஞ்சித் கிருச்ணன்

    இரஞ்சித் கிருச்ணன்

     3 months ago +299

    தமிழன் யாரெல்லாம் இருக்கீங்க?? 😎☝

  • Jason Park

    Jason Park

     4 months ago +11220

    True story - I was taking classes at NYU and I would go eat at his cart before class. One time I went and I only had a big bill. Right before I was about to ask him if it's cool with him to break it, he said, "Hey man if you don't have the cash today, just pay me tomorrow."
    This dude's the man. AND his food's legit.

  • CaapriceTube


     2 months ago +486

    When you live in New York for more than 5yrs “Y’know what am sayin” becomes a part of your vernacular 😎✌️

  • DeelIo


     3 months ago +401

    "As usual"
    "See you tommorow"
    Holy, this dude ain't doing it just for money, he bothered to remember his customers orders and actually have a conversation with them.

  • Aimer Cab

    Aimer Cab

     1 months ago +398

    "Nothing is permanent, you should be happy with what you've got." Great advice. Thanks for sharing.

  • XI XI

    XI XI

     2 months ago +226

    I've never wanted to try someone's food so badly 😭😭

  • The Anonymous

    The Anonymous

     21 days ago +141

    He said " Im a Big Fan of Shiva "❤ Jai Bhole Ki...

  • Chandra


     3 months ago +313

    I'm glad he's getting more recognition, but his line is way longer since this vid was released

  • Karthik Thyagarajan

    Karthik Thyagarajan

     2 days ago +4

    Awesome Thiru. Love what you do and proud to be your neighbor from Chennai, India.
    God bless you and your family abundantly with prosperity and happiness always.
    Cheers 🙏😍👍

  • Whitney Mcmury

    Whitney Mcmury

     2 months ago +466

    I Iove his accent with the NY twist!

  • big daddy bleach

    big daddy bleach

     4 months ago +7541

    When he was talking about making it cheap for college students and people that are on a budget and how “everyone needs to eat”, not gonna lie... a big boy tear slid down my cheek. This man deserves the world.

  • Thunder Lips

    Thunder Lips

     yesterday +16

    I love Indian people. Never in my life have I met a bad one. I need more Indian people in my life