10 Rarest Foods In The World

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 15, 2017
  • Food is something we all need – and something that most of us love. Foods abound, as do different cuisines and tastes. Yet there are foods that are so rare, they have an almost magical mystique about them. These are the 10 Rarest Foods In The World.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/su1Ux1bVsMY


  • Mo Troll stopper

    Mo Troll stopper

     2 years ago +347


  • Tin Matesin

    Tin Matesin

     16 hours ago

    Who else enjoys his accent

  • yung samy

    yung samy

     2 days ago

    Bird spit soup BITCH PLEASE

  • 陈夏天


     2 days ago

    stupid video

  • 陈夏天


     2 days ago

    water melon.. come on '

  • vxCOCOxv


     3 days ago

    So... gross food is expensive?
    We’re talking fungus, vegetables, fruit, donkey milk and FRICK, even bird spit nests. I just laugh at people that produce and sell it, even harder at those that buy it.

  • James West

    James West

     3 days ago

    "the annoying voice".... he forgot the adjective in the description.

  • Dr. OAS

    Dr. OAS

     4 days ago +2

    We eat hop asparagus in meals in Turkey and its cheap. About $10 per kg

  • LT FreeBorn

    LT FreeBorn

     4 days ago

    amaigrs? amagri? amagirs? (HOWEVER THE FUCK YOU TYPE IT) is literally whale poop just refined to look like... that thing

  • DynamicDecru


     5 days ago

    That explains why I saw that watermelon cost so much

  • Wally Walrus

    Wally Walrus

     6 days ago

    So rich people eat whale shit.

  • Reviews.


     6 days ago

    A soup of bird spit.

  • Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson

     7 days ago

    250.00 on a watermelon. I have a bridge for sale!

  • Pamela. Nam

    Pamela. Nam

     7 days ago

    Beluga sturgeon? That is a first!

  • Pamela. Nam

    Pamela. Nam

     7 days ago

    It is about RARE, not delicious or anything.

  • Info Korea South korea

    Info Korea South korea

     7 days ago

    this black water melon is there in Our Country Pakistan's provence Sindh is too much cultivated during the months may june july it is 7 to 10 kg piece in only 1 dollar
    00923063436202 w.app Talib

  • Cadence Calderon

    Cadence Calderon

     7 days ago

    200 for a watermelon I need to change careers

  • Daniel Dan

    Daniel Dan

     7 days ago +1

    Amatours. The rarest food is Wagyu beef from a cow fed exclusively with Yubari melons.

  • Mohammad was illiterate

    Mohammad was illiterate

     7 days ago

    Whale puke, black watermelon, fish eggs, bird spit, lol, go ahead, not for me.

  • a Fool's Paradise

    a Fool's Paradise

     7 days ago