Game Theory: What is a Kirby? The SCIENTIFIC PROOF!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 17, 2017
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    With Kirby Star Allies announced, I thought it was time to show our favorite puffball some love. Kirby was by far one of my favorite characters growing up and I fondly remember all his games. However, I’ve never been able to wrap my head around one question: Just what is Kirby? Sure he’s a star warrior, but what IS he? Well Loyal Theorists, I think I’ve stumbled upon the answer… Prepare yourself for a scientific journey!

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     a years ago +21451

    I love you game theory’s

  • Akita Of the Kitsunes

    Akita Of the Kitsunes

     9 hours ago

    MatPat's b-day is in the same month as mine, just 12 days before my b-day

  • Mahir mydoria

    Mahir mydoria

     10 hours ago


  • Niko Frkanec

    Niko Frkanec

     20 hours ago

    but in smash brothers ultamate in the boxer stage it says in the back round it says he's a DEMON!!!!!!!!

  • Riley Brandt

    Riley Brandt

     23 hours ago

    How does he fly?

  • Vivian GG

    Vivian GG


    7:13 I am sick of watching that😷

  • Softibjorn _

    Softibjorn _


    hey, if he is a single cell, how does he have EYES?

  • William Gaming

    William Gaming


    That doesn’t explain the eyes though, eyes are a multi - cellular structure

    Not saying I’m not convinced he is an amoeba, I am there isn’t anything else he could be but explain that.

  • RandomGuy0698



    Kirby is a Naruto runner

  • Laura Helms

    Laura Helms


    We are not made of billions cells try 10 trillion so get you science wright I'm in 5th grade for your information I am on my phone but on moms account

  • Awesome Gamer

    Awesome Gamer

     yesterday +1

    KIRBY SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  • GeeVee KillMe

    GeeVee KillMe


    I like the fact that if Kirby is an amoeba then Meta Knight is also an amoeba because they are the same race canonically.

  • Sarah Lewis

    Sarah Lewis


    It’s weird how I’m learning about cells in science... COINCIDENCE?!

  • Trenity Rose

    Trenity Rose

     2 days ago +1


  • Creative_ Studioz_

    Creative_ Studioz_

     2 days ago

    no your wrong its just a pink, cutee living slime😅



     2 days ago

    Screw all you who STILL think matpat is stupid wrong

  • Christine Avery

    Christine Avery

     2 days ago

    The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Gaming And More

    Gaming And More

     3 days ago

    My birthday is in November

  • Mihlali Mkalipi

    Mihlali Mkalipi

     3 days ago

    Game Theory will be the reason why I start a Gamer Bank Account, and a gamer room in my house

  • The Pokemonic

    The Pokemonic

     3 days ago

    He's a gumball a really soft gumball