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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 12, 2018
  • What you don't know, can hurt you. From the Academy Award® nominated filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering (The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground) comes a groundbreaking investigation into the crimes of Big Medical. America has the most technologically advanced health care system in the world, yet medical interventions have become the third leading cause of death, and the overwhelming majority of high-risk implanted devices never require a single clinical trial. Watch The Bleeding Edge on Netflix: Netflix:Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.Connect with Netflix Online:Visit Netflix WEBSITE: Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: Netflix on FACEBOOK: Netflix on TWITTER: Netflix on INSTAGRAM: Netflix on TUMBLR: Bleeding Edge | Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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  • everestfalls


     a years ago +190

    "How can you clear something that has been shown to be dangerous?"
    I can answer that.........for money

  • Mad4U2Love


     a years ago +80

    Definitely will be watching this! Medical industry is so messed up! Before I have any surgery I question everything!

  • lordtoews


     a years ago +53

    Well this is going on my watch list.



     a years ago +48

    Oh Netflix, I sincerely love you.

  • AminFrikha


     a years ago +31

    This was probably one of the best documentaries i'v ever watched.

  • Snodge Kat

    Snodge Kat

     a years ago +169

    This is why medicine shouldn’t be a for profit industry.

  • 2 subs

    2 subs

     2 months ago +11

    Jon Oliver just ripped this off



     a years ago +435

    Netflix has great docs, good shows and awful movies.

  • dianateabag


     a years ago +13

    The last messages of this program are really important. New is not always the best and ask your doctor how many times have theyve done a procedure. Take in mind tha sometimes they haven’t done that much but they will be supervised by someone with more experience and that’s always good ( no one is born having done thousands of procedures at once). As a doctor also I always remember something a senior told to me once “ Don’t ever be the last one doing a revolutionary procedure, but neither be among the first ones “

  • CathyFromPensacola


     11 months ago +11

    Just watched this heartbreaking and very upsetting exposé - UGH!!! I personally avoid doctors and hospitals as much as possible. Btw, another good flick on Netflix is The Magic Pill. We have been lied to about so many things.

  • Misha C.

    Misha C.

     a years ago +30

    Well this is being added to my watch list.

  • ya girl amaris

    ya girl amaris

     a years ago +21

    1:17 my family is there my big sister is the one with glasses😭😭my mom almost dies because of that!! But her friend didn't make it 😭😭
    1:20 mom💝

  • Julie I AM

    Julie I AM

     a years ago +4

    I think back to amalgam fillings when I watch this, 1830 they were discovered to be poisioning us but still to this day are not banned. I trust a drunken homless bum over anybody in position of power theses days.

  • Giorgio House

    Giorgio House

     a years ago +19

    they should close the FDA....too much corruption I guess!!!

  • wunderlich catt

    wunderlich catt

     a years ago

    Its very helping me thankyouu❤

  • uk k

    uk k

     a years ago +3

    this is probably the very last stages of capitalism, where a CEO has 0 regard for their consumers and the only thing that matters is the top line, even if it means a few people getting killed
    how are regular citizens not outraged? they should be lynching these CEOs on wall street to set an example
    the entire system is corrupt and toxic

  • Faust Von Barley

    Faust Von Barley

     8 months ago

    6/10 - not enough explosions.

  • MrBibi86


     a years ago +2

    everyone should be forced to watch this! it shows how money and corrupt mean more than health!

  • Michael Carr

    Michael Carr

     a years ago +18

    This is why we need lawsuits.

  • diordiva


     10 months ago

    Love this documentary..and not just because I'm in it. This is extremely informative!!